Our List of Best Jobs for Veterans to Pursue

Military veterans have laid their lives on the line in the service of this country. The experience they have gained in the military is unparalleled and the discipline, commitment, and teamwork skills veterans learn can be applied to numerous careers in the civilian world. Depending on the responsibilities someone has in the military, as well as their educational background, there are several careers that work well once someone has finished their time in the military. There are a few careers that stand out for veterans who are looking to transition into a new career.

###Veteran Friendly Jobs
In order for veterans to find the right position, they need to know what makes a [veteran friendly job](https://recruitmilitary.com/job-seekers/resource/1038-veteran-friendly-jobs). Veterans need to consider the skills they learned in the military. Then, they need to think about what their educational background is. Finally, they need to figure out which companies are currently hiring people with their skill set and educational background. There are a few ideas that come to mind.

###Top Paying Jobs for Veterans Without a Degree
There are many veterans who might not have a four-year degree. That is okay! Experience in the military is valuable and there are tremendous opportunities available thanks to this experience. Some of the top positions include:

- Security Guard: The job of an [enlisted soldier](https://recruitmilitary.com/employers/resource/390-understanding-military-skillsets-part-iii) is to defend the country. Therefore, it is an easy transition to move into a security position. Because so many veterans are trained in conflict resolution and self-defense, they make outstanding [security guards](https://recruitmilitary.com/employers/resource/629-what-a-security-clearance-reveals-about-a-veteran-job-candidate).
- Truck Driver: Many enlisted soldiers work long hours at unusual times. This has led to a tremendous amount of mental stamina, making them perfect for truck drivers. Those who like to travel and don't want to simply move to the next office should keep this in mind!

###Top Paying Jobs for Veterans With a Degree

- Business Development Manager: Leadership is an important aspect of this job because you have to create a strategy to grow a business and get others to follow.
- IT Program Manager: From coding to design, an IT program manager is responsible for understanding the jobs of everyone on the team to make sure that a project is completed and on time.

###Management Jobs for Veterans
In addition, veterans should consider management positions. Many veterans had soldiers under their command during their time in the service. These skills translate beautifully into a management position. Some of the manager jobs on this list include:

- Project Manager: Managers who are detail-oriented and know how to lead will make a great project manager. Responsible for placing team members in a position to succeed, this is an easy transition for employers and veterans.
- Supply Chain Manager: In the field of logistics, there is nothing like the military. Those with experience and knowledge about the logistics field will make a great supply chain manager.

###Tech Companies Hiring Veterans
Some of the top job options for veterans are in the tech field. Technology is one of the fastest expanding industries in the world. Now, many of the military's operations take place in cyberspace. With the ever-present threats of cyberattacks and hacks, it is important for the military to prioritize IT work. This can also help veterans get a job in a growing field.
This means that many members of the military end up with a tremendous amount of experience in the tech field. The good news is that the civilian world is [looking to hire](https://recruitmilitary.com/employers/resource/1042-best-way-to-hire-veterans) computer technicians as well. This means that job options as an information technology specialist or a computer support technician might be a good fit. Some of the top job options in the IT field that veterans should consider on their list includes:

- IT Manager: An IT Manager is responsible for coordinating activities related to a computer for civilian organizations. This includes analyzing computer needs, installing computer software, and procuring hardware
- Database Administrator: The military needs to protect its data. This means that many veterans have skills when it comes to data management. A data administrator is responsible for setting up databases based on a company's specific requirements.
- Information Security Analyst: Anyone who spends time in the military focusing on cyberattacks can put this experience to use as an information security analyst. Skills gained protecting data from foreign agents can transition into civilian cybersecurity as well.

These are just a few of the major tech job options that military veterans might be qualified for. With tech jobs constantly growing in demand, this is one of the top industries for veterans.

###High Paying Jobs for Military Vets
Furthermore, there are plenty of jobs for military vets that offer generous starting wages. Depending on a soldier's level of experience, these positions might even be willing to pay more. Some of the top positions to note during the search are:

- Mechanic: The skills of a mechanic are also in high demand. Military veterans often have extensive experience working with unique vehicles, ranging from aircraft to tanks and more. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for a veteran as a mechanic.
- Construction: Furthermore, the military expects its soldiers to work well as a team while also maintaining a certain level of fitness. This makes a veteran perfectly suited for a career in construction. Plus, this is a high-paying job that doesn't necessarily require added education, one of the major benefits.

###Military Preference Job
Furthermore, [military veterans are perfectly suited]((https://recruitmilitary.com/employers/resource/160-why-hire-veterans/)) to careers as first responders. They are used to search and rescue missions and often worked a program that asked them to respond under stress and various other related situations. Some of the best search examples include:

- Law Enforcement: A great career, plenty of soldiers become police officers after their military careers. Firearm experience is unique to the military, making them perfect for police officers. Plus, the benefits of this program are great.
- EMTs: Most military veterans have related experience with first aid and some might even be corpsmen. This makes them perfectly suited to the medical demands and stresses of emergency medical technicians. This is why many veterans pursue a medical career.
- Firefighters: Furthermore, military veterans are used to dealing with fires, explosions, and other related experiences in their program. Most veterans have had to extinguish a fire at some point. For this reason, a veteran makes a great firefighter.

###Veteran Friendly Organizations
For a veteran who is looking for service organizations that are friendly to those with military experience, one of the best ideas is to consider sales. This is a great career in the business world. Soldiers have the ability to relate to just about anyone, as those in the military come from all backgrounds. The ability to quickly relate to someone and get to know them in a friendly manner makes them great for sales! Those who are self-motivated often find a career in sales to be a natural segue with great benefits. Plus, sales is a great jumping-off point to a career in the business world. In this career, there is plenty of room for upward mobility and this could lead to greater opportunities in a growing industry.

###Government Jobs After Military Retirement
Those who are ready to leave the military but want to keep working for the government are qualified for a variety of positions. Those with flying experience might be interested in becoming a test pilot. Some might want to transition to the human resources side of government work. There are also leadership positions available in [branches](https://recruitmilitary.com/employers/resource/388-understanding-military-skillsets-part-i) that have nothing to do with the military. There are plenty of options for military veterans and many government options provide great benefits. This is why government jobs are among the best [jobs for veterans](https://recruitmilitary.com/job-seekers/resource/1041-veteran-jobs-by-mos-translator). Government jobs don't necessarily require a college degree or entail sitting in an office or as the next step either!

###Jobs for Military Officer Veterans
For those who are officers, they often have access to a variety of leadership and service positions as soon as they leave the military. Some of the best options include:

- Chief Information Officer: Those who occupied a leadership position in the IT world in the military often make an easy transition to the world of communication technology. This is one of the highest paying careers for military officers.
- Capture Manager: The job of a capture manager is to oversee a company's bids for a variety of opportunities. This includes government contracts. Veterans are often prioritized for this position thanks to their knowledge of how the government works.

###Good Careers for Veterans
One of the top careers for veterans is in the manufacturing field. Military experience often entails working with numerous people, overseeing various operations and making sure they are carried out in an appropriate manner. This means that the manufacturing field is a great transition. Many positions in the manufacturing field offer good pay, steady hours, and plenty of opportunities to learn new skills that could lead to promotions down the line, making this a great industry.

###Technician Careers for Veterans
The military is very good at breaking and fixing things which makes them a great fit for technician type roles. They might not have experience with the equipment specific to your company, but they have substantial hands on experience and will be able to learn quickly.

###Top Careers for Veterans
These are a few of the top careers for veterans. This is nothing like the experience that comes from the military. This means that soldiers have a unique skill set that can be leveraged to start a long, rewarding, and fulfilling career. There are many options available for veterans looking for jobs. They offer valuable skills like leadership, character, and dedication that simply can't be replaced.

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