Job Opportunities Available for Veterans

When veterans look for a post-military career, one of the key skills is “Explore”. In this article about the A to Zs of veteran job seeking, the “E” stands for “Explore” and “Eggs”. In part, it reads:

“E”: Explore and Eggs

You’ve probably spent the past few years thinking about your transition to civilian life, but thinking isn’t actually transitioning. Now that you are in the window of opportunity, Explore all your options from location and industry to job market and position. There are job opportunities available for veterans, but they may not be in your first choice of location, industry or position.

And as you continue with your search, don’t put all your Eggs in one basket or allow yourself to eliminate a company, a location, or even a particular type of job before you educate yourself with all of the information available. With thousands of opportunities in corporate America, many of the great places to work for former military are outside the Fortune 500. In fact, many former military find a fast track to success with jobs in privately held firms and/or with jobs located outside of major metropolitan areas.

There is also a section on “F” – Focus and Foot

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