Avoiding Job Posting Scams

Recently, the age-old problem of job posting scams seems to be on an upswing – and more than that, some of them are targeted specifically at veterans. These scams range from promising a job “after you go through training” (at a cost, of course) to requiring the job seeker to purchase “training materials” before they can be considered for employment.

Several recent articles have brought these issues to the public eye, including WRAL 5 On Your Side ABC 12.

So – let’s get right to the point. How do you avoid these scams?

  1. Don’t assume the job posting is legitimate based on what site you find it on. Most job sites do their utmost to ensure the quality of the job postings presented to candidates, but exceptions can always slip through. Even a State Department of Commerce’s employment section was not exempt, as uncovered in reporter Monica Laliberte’s article on June 27th, 2013.
  2. Be on the lookout for jobs that require you to pay an upfront fee or training fee. Job Postings that require an upfront payment are prime suspects for fraud.
  3. If you see anything suspicious on RecruitMilitary’s job board – go ahead and flag it for us to review. Among other things, employers are forbidden by RecruitMilitary’s Terms of Use from posting any type of opportunity or position that requires an upfront fee.
  4. Use your common sense. If an employer asks anything unusual of you, the terms of the proposed job are irregular, or the opportunity requires some form of investment from you, be alert. Find out where the company stands with the Better Business Bureau. Read reviews based on others’ experience with the organization. Ask for clarification on anything you find atypical, and be cautious of accepting an offer without in in-person meeting first.

There’s always a bad apple in every barrel, but most employers truly want to help veterans. They look for candidates like you for many reasons – your honor, work ethic, commitment, leadership experience, specialized training, loyalty, dependability, and much more. They dedicate time and resources specifically to reach out to veterans. There are over 4,000 employers who have accounts with RecruitMilitary so that they have the privilege and opportunity to fill their ranks with great veteran talent.

Thank you, as always, for being a part of the RecruitMilitary community!

By Liz Wheeler


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