Proven Strategies for Career Fair Success and Lasting Impressions

Based on survey input from over 3,000 past exhibitors, here are important tips to maximize your success at our events.

Our In-Person Career Fairs are mobilized through myRecruitMilitary

We are excited to have you with us at an upcoming in-person career fair. Please refer to this guide as often as needed to be prepared and informed before your event.

  • Step 1 : Identify Client User Types & Roles

    After registering for an event, you will receive a confirmation email right away. Shortly after, you’ll receive a second email with an invitation to log in and create your event team in myRecruitMilitary. Here are the different roles:

    • ORGANIZER: The Organizer is responsible for managing the representatives and events in myRecruitMilitary and is the client point-of-contact associated with the career fair purchase.
    • ATTENDING REPRESENTATIVE: Attending Reps are the client representatives who are attending the career fair.
    • SEARCH-ONLY REPRESENTATIVE: These are client representatives who do not attend the event but have search-only capabilities in myRecruitMilitary.

  • Step 2: Learn the Functions

    Use myRecruitMilitary as your event manager:

    1. Find details for your career fair
    2. Check-in to the career fair
    3. Scan job seeker QR codes (linking to their professional profile) at the career fair
    4. Search professional profiles and resumes of all registered candidates after the career fair
    5. Rank and notate candidate profiles during and after the career fair
    6. Save and share notated profiles with your entire team after the career fair

    Here are some functions within myRecruitMilitary to understand for a smooth event day:

    • EVENT PASS: The event pass populates in myRecruitMilitary after the registered Attending Representative has completed their check-in process. At the event, Attending Reps will share the Event Pass screen with the job fair personnel to be permitted entry.
    • CANDIDATE PROFESSIONAL PROFILES: When they register for the career fair, candidates create a professional profile, where they may also upload or create a resume within the system. At the career fair, candidates will share their profile and resume with you through their individual QR code, which can be accessed with the Candidate Profile Scanner.
    • CANDIDATE PROFILE SCANNER: This function allows Attending Reps to scan the displayed QR codes of the candidates who visit your booth. As mentioned above, QR codes link back to individual candidate profiles, which can be saved into your event folder and later shared with your team.

  • Step 3: Read the FAQ's below on the page

    To enhance clarity regarding exhibitor-related inquiries for RecruitMilitary career fairs, it is recommended to access the FAQs section. By exploring the frequently asked questions, exhibitors can gain a comprehensive understanding of the registration process and the post-event support provided for effective candidate follow-up

Exhibitor's FAQ

  • Organizer: You will receive an email with login link from us soon after you’ve registration confirmation.
  • Attending Reps & Search-Only Reps: You will receive an email with login link from us as the information is entered by the Organizer.

This information is emailed to the Attending Reps through pre-event communications. If no Attending Reps are added to the event in myRecruitMilitary, no venue information will be sent.

The check-in process begins the morning of the event, when myRecruitMilitary sends the instructions via email to listed Attending Reps. This consists of a few questions can be done on a mobile device before arrival to the venue.

After completing the check-in process, the Event Pass will populate, allowing Attending Reps to enter the event and locate their booth upon arrival.

Most of our exhibitor packages include two (2) Attending Reps. Any organization that wishes to expand their footprint beyond that may purchase an additional booth or use an available credit.

There are a few ways, depending on the user type, but all are through myRecruitMilitary:

  • Organizer: After your organization’s Attending Rep checks in at the event, Organizers will have search access to all registered candidate profiles for that event through myRecruitMilitary.
  • Attending Rep: At the event, Attending Reps should scan the QR code of each job seeker to track those who visit your booth. To scan a job seeker’s QR code, use the “Launch Scanner” button from your myRecruitMilitary event page.
  • Search-Only Rep: After your organization’s Attending Rep checks-in at the event, myRecruitMilitary will unlock search user access for all registered candidate profiles.

Yes, at this time, myRecruitMilitary only manages in-person events. To manage your virtual events, you will use our partner platform, CareerEco. These two platforms do have separate credentials and are distinctly different from one another.

An additional system to keep in mind is for when you post jobs to the RecruitMilitary job board. (However, for clients with existing job feeds through RecruitMilitary, this third log-in is not necessary.)

Here’s an easy way to remember:

  • In-Person Events: myRecruitMilitary
  • Virtual Career Fair: CareerEco platform

(Still unsure? Check the URL. If you see “” in the bar, you’re in CareerEco, which manages virtual events.)

After registering for a job fair, you will have access to post jobs on the RecruitMilitary job board. Posting jobs early gives greater visibility to registered job seekers!

Absolutely. It is our mission to help you prepare for a successful event. Use our Employers Career Fair Success Center to find information that will help you best prepare to meet and hire the amazing candidates at our events.

Have More Questions?

Before the Career Fair

  • Reps should be personable, outgoing, knowledgeable and passionate about your company and its job openings.
  • Bring reps who are willing to seek out & engage job seekers, not wait passively to be approached.
  • A military background is a bonus and can help reps relate to the attendees.
  • IMPORTANT: Inform your RecruitMilitary Client Success Coordinator of your participating team members for each event to ensure they receive the electronic check-in and all event requirements prior to their arrival.
  • Make sure your reps are easily identifiable— wear a badge or a shirt with your company logo on it.
  • If you have veteran representatives, consider creating a sign to stand on your table that identifies them as veterans. Example: John Smith—Navy veteran or Mary Clark—Army veteran.
  • Make your table stand out. This is a great opportunity to brand your company in the veteran community.
  • Plan to use table-top displays, banners, backdrops, and panels to attract job seekers to your booth.
  • Via your organization’s event profile on our job board, manually post your open positions.
  • Ensure that your reps know what jobs are available and are able to talk knowledgeably about those positions.
  • If you need to direct job seekers to apply online, please explain why. This is the #1 complaint and detractor by job seekers, but is quickly and easily overcome if explained why.
  • Tap into your company’s marketing resources to get the word out that you will be at the career fair with opportunities for veterans. Draw more job seekers to your booth by letting the world know that you will be there.
  • Make use of your company’s social networking tools (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to announce your participation in the event.
  • “Everyone told me to apply online.” Change the perception and stand out. Instead of sending job seekers directly to the website, find ways to help the candidate feel they made a good use of their time by visiting your booth.
  • Explain applying online allows them to forward their application to various recruiters at one time.
  • Share while you are representing your organization at the event, you are not the recruiter for all positions. You welcome answering their questions about the company and providing insight as to the company’s culture, but applying online really does maximize their opportunity of being seen by all company recruiters.
  • If your organization requires candidates to apply through an ATS, provide instructions on how to most effectively access it and use it.
  • Scan the QR code of all candidates who visit your booth. Even if they still need to apply online, the interaction is more personal.
  • IMPORTANT: Scanning the individualized QR codes of all candidates also allows you to review all booth visitors and plan your follow-ups.

At the Career Fair

To help make candidates comfortable and to gather valuable information from job seekers, ask questions like:

    • “What branch of the service were you in?”
    • “What is your area of expertise?”
    • “What types of careers are you interested in?”
  • Greet the job seekers with a smile and “hello.”
  • Do what you can to make them feel at ease.
  • You have a short time to make an impression on them, and you are giving them an opportunity to make an impression upon you.
  • Listen to what they have to offer.
  • Job seekers at our events are a diverse bunch.
  • You will find a broad range of experience and backgrounds, from those transitioning from military service into civilian life to those who already have years of civilian experience.
  • Also in attendance will be reservists, members of the National Guard, and military spouses.
  • Scan the QR code of all candidates who visit your booth. Create a more personal experience for the job seeker, rather than having them apply anonymously online.
  • Those with little or no civilian work experience will not know about OFCCP requirements or the use of an ATS to route resumes efficiently.
  • The number of job seekers may be dwindling as it approaches 3:00, but unless you absolutely have to, don’t be tempted to leave early.
  • It is very disappointing for job seekers to arrive as exhibitors are packing up or already gone. Some make a tremendous effort to attend, even traveling hundreds of miles.
  • Be there for them. They’d never leave their duty post. Let’s do the same for them.
  • Recognize that these job seekers are veterans and military spouses and sincerely thank them.
  • We owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women who have sacrificed and served. Convey that appreciation in your words and actions.
  • Help them in any way you can. It is our time to serve them.
  • Job seekers are eager to get the hiring process going.
  • To have your pick of top candidates, schedule those interviews ASAP.