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Job Feeds

How long will my job posting stay active if I have a job feed?

RecruitMilitary’s job board runs in conjunction with your board. If you remove a job from your board it will be removed from ours as well.

How do I set up an automated job feed?

If your purchase includes a compatible job feed, we will implement it within 72 hours.

What do most clients use for their job feed?

We often incorporate DEA or XML job feeds for our clients. Others ask us to pull specific jobs directly from their careers page by sending us their URL. Your Account Representative will be happy to assist with this process.

Manual Jobs

How long will a job post stay active once it’s posted manually?

Manual job postings remain active for 30 days.

Can I choose multiple categories when posting a job manually?

Yes. By holding the “Ctrl” button down you can click on as many relevant categories as you want, which will increase both the number of clicks and the application count.

General Questions

How can I edit, clone, deactivate, or view applicants for an individual job posting?

If you click the gear symbol to the right of the job posting, you’ll have the option to perform those tasks.

Can I add photos or videos to a job posting?

No. HTML does not support photos, GIFs, or videos. However, you may want to include a redirect URL to drive veteran job seekers to view your organization’s videos and other content.

How often are jobs refreshed?

Jobs are refreshed each morning.

How quickly can I post a job after the initial online purchase or my electronic signed agreement?

You’ll receive your login credentials within 24 business hours from the purchase date. Once you log in, you’ll have complete autonomy over your job posting as far as content, logo, and company description. Your Account Representative can also help you get set up.

What Type of Applicant to Expect

How many applicants should I expect from a job posting?

Many variables go into this equation, including company size and name recognition, location of the job, the job itself, number of total job postings, and time stamp of the job posting (for example, the first quarter of the year is when many candidates search for new jobs).

Google Cloud announced its work from home/remote search capability feature on April 25, 2019 in a post featuring RecruitMilitary. “Companies posting jobs on our board will see more veterans apply for them because they yield better, more relevant results,” said Mike Francomb, Senior Vice President of Technology for Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary. “We’ve already seen a 90% increase in the number of jobs being applied to by veterans and their spouses.”

How much information should I list in the job posting?

A good rule of thumb is that less is more. Veteran job seekers and military spouses only want to read the pertinent information about the job description, requirements and benefits. It’s best to keep the word count between 500 - 750 words (the equivalent of about 1 to 2 pages in a Word document, or between 2,500 - 4,000 characters with spaces).

How to Write a Good Job Ad

RecruitMilitary’s advice for how to hire veterans: Don’t throw everything but the kitchen sink into your job description

Today’s staggering cost of hiring an employee means employers must begin with the right form of job advertising: the job posting itself.

What skills are you seeking?

Developing employment advertising that makes sense to veteran applicants is critical. Make sure what you’re hiring for is an actual job, not a list of wildly disparate duties requiring vastly different skill sets.

For example, if you’re trying to find a person to cover wide swaths of marketing, budgeting, and inventory management, you might want to narrow the role. If you don’t, any new hire will quickly feel underpaid, overworked, and discouraged. And odds are, soon you’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

The bottom line? If you need sales help, the job advertisement should cover sales work. If a warehouse and inventory manager is what you’re seeking, create a job description that reflects those duties.

Would you want the job you’ve posted?

Remember, you are hiring an employee, not an owner. While you should certainly aim for a go-getter, keep in mind that this person will not be an owner, proprietor, or shareholder – he or she will be an employee performing a job.

The “other duties as needed” pitfall

This can be a dangerous catch-all phrase. Is this miscellaneous category really hiding a landmine of tasks? Would an otherwise qualified person become resentful or frustrated upon learning about these additional responsibilities? Would you?

Instead, hone down the requirements an ideal candidate needs to succeed: education; technology and software skills; the kinds of daily scenarios he or she will encounter; and whether problem-solving skills feature prominently in the position are key things any interviewee needs to know.

Hire with a career in mind

By taking the time to architect a realistic job advertisement free of invisible pitfalls and has the blessing of your organization, you’ll be ready to step forward and attract the right hire: someone with a career in mind, instead of someone who feels overwhelmed and is quietly waiting to bolt.

Where You Can Advertise

RecruitMilitary offers a variety of products that highlight job advertising. Our monthly VetTen newsletter and sponsorship opportunities market hot jobs to a large audience of opted-in veterans. Website recruitment advertising includes banner ads, microsites, and targeted emails. Our magazine, Search & Employ®, reaches a wide veteran audience.

Find out how RecruitMilitary’s solutions can help your organization hire veterans.