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While decreasing cost per hire is desirable, increasing the quality of hire is a game-changer. These resources will provide you with the information you need to hire great employees —valuable data that holds true for any new hire; not just veterans.


  • Measuring success of your veteran hiring program
  • Top challenges for talent acquisition
  • Phased approach to veteran recruiting

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Building an Effective Veteran Hiring Program

Many organizations recognize the value that veterans bring to the workforce, but many struggle with their veteran hiring initiatives. Finding ways to connect with high-quality veteran talent can be challenging, and many HR professionals find it difficult to translate military experience into...

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Metrics that Matter: Measuring the Success of Your Veteran Hiring Program

There are a variety of metrics that can be used to evaluate the success of a veteran hiring initiative, but which ones have the most impact for the organization? It’s a question asked by many HR professionals.

Most veteran hiring programs focus primarily on recruitment, with less effort placed...

Talent Acquisition

Strategies to Lower Cost per Quality Hire

How a strong veteran hiring program can deliver quality talent at lower cost

Across industries, the demand for candidates with specific skillsets far outpaces the supply of quality talent -- and finding cost-effective ways to source those candidates is often a challenge.

One way to source...

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