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While decreasing cost per hire is desirable, increasing the quality of hire is a game-changer. These resources will provide you with the information you need to hire great employees —valuable data that holds true for any new hire; not just veterans.


  • Measuring success of your veteran hiring program
  • Top challenges for talent acquisition
  • Phased approach to veteran recruiting

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4 Myths about Veteran Hiring Today - Dispelled

The truth is, all companies want high-quality team members – veterans happen to be some of the best around.

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Tips for Hiring Military Spouses: What Employers Should Know

It’s a common scenario – you’re sorting through job applicants to narrow down to the best candidates for an open role. In front of you is a resume reflecting a highly educated individual with a wide range of applicable skills, but there are some serious gaps in their employment timeline. Is this...

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Does Your Interview Process Unknowingly Exclude Veterans?

Our experts suggest incorporating these points in your interview process for maximum inclusivity.

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Military Spouses: A Gold Mine of Untapped Talent

While hiring military veterans has been part of the national conversation for a while now, another skilled and highly-educated group remains underrepresented in the job force - military spouses.

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