Use these resources to better understand the veteran landscape. This includes the ability to translate military skillsets into civilian terms and to understand the on-boarding and support that will better ensure success.

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Veterans Hired by Employers with a VHP Feel More Valued and Respected for Their Military Backgrounds

According to our survey of 3,089 veterans, veterans hired by employers with a VHP are 31.2% more likely to report that management values their military background.

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Veterans Hired by Employers with a Veteran Hiring Program More Likely to View Them as Veteran Friendly

According to our survey of 3,089 veterans, veterans who work for organizations with a VHP are 24.4% more likely to view their employer as veteran friendly.

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Recruiters Recall Their Best Veteran Hires

Veterans constitute a great treasure of talent, and some companies and recruiters are champions when it comes to seizing it. They truly understand the value of veterans, and how to attract, hire, and retain them. These top talent scouts recall some of their favorite experiences hiring veterans.


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Recruiting at Veteran Career Fairs Yields a Solid ROI

A 2016 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey of 2,300 HR professionals revealed recruiting top talent as the top business/HR challenge. Other findings outline the cost of finding the right candidates.

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