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Put simply, veterans make great employees. Our career fairs are the place where you can meet them and learn why. Use these resources to better understand what to expect from one of our veteran career fairs and gain tactical knowledge in how to engage the veterans in attendance.

Includes: - Event Results - Event Schedule - Strategies to lower cost per quality hire

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Don’t Know How to Hire Transitioning Veterans & Military Spouses? Try Our Military Base Job Fairs.

At a RecruitMilitary military-base career fair, organizations can begin relationships with transitioning and active-duty candidates and military spouses on their home turf.

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Career Fair Insights: Virtual Events

Want to know more about the military job seekers who attend our Virtual Career Fairs?

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10 Step Checklist to Find the Best Talent from the Military Community

Whether the economy is booming or slow, hiring veterans or job seekers from the military community can bring a host of benefits for your organization. Use this checklist during your search for talent in the military niche.

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Military Spouses: A Gold Mine of Untapped Talent

While hiring military veterans has been part of the national conversation for a while now, another skilled and highly-educated group remains underrepresented in the job force - military spouses.

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