Four Ways to Maximize Your Results at a Virtual Career Fair

As with most things, success is directly tied to preparedness. In fact, when compared to in-person career fairs, preparation for a virtual event is even more important. Unlike an in-person event, you will be communicating with candidates while navigating the digital platform. Without prepping ahead of time, you might find it hard to maximize your participation.

Use these four tips for best results:

##**#1: Prepare Your Virtual Job Fair Booth**##

These events are great branding opportunities - seize this chance to deliver a consistent corporate message and establish your organization as military-friendly. In a virtual environment, consistent branding is more important than ever - job seekers from the military community often show increased interest for organizations and brands they recognize versus those they do not.

Picturing themselves as part of your team is another important factor in the veteran job seeker experience. Use your virtual career fair participation as a way to strategically position your culture, core values, expertise, and opportunities.

You’ll have the chance to load your landing page with branded greetings, company logos, imagery, links to career pages and social media, videos, job postings, and contact information. It's the perfect forum for highlighting your diversity recruiting strategy and veteran hiring programs. Additionally, chat room updates can be made instantaneously without the expense of reprinting materials.

As you prepare, consider including a veteran employee’s perspective about his or her experience joining your team. Remember, veterans served in tight-knit groups where teamwork prevailed. Finding an organization that replicates key military values is a priority for many veteran job seekers.

##**#2: Experience the Platform**##
Learn the ins and outs of our virtual career fair platform by viewing the training tutorials provided in our [Employer Career Fair Success Center](, visit the Tutorials in the Help section of the virtual platform, or contact one of our team members to walk your team through how to maximize your experience.

##**#3: The Early Bird Gets the Candidates**##
Participants receive immediate access to candidates upon creating their virtual booths, so prepping your booth ahead of time lets you reach the right job seekers first. Detailed data filters allow you to search, preview, and connect with desirable veteran job candidates ahead of time through a virtual event messaging center. Organizations have unlimited access to all registered candidates’ information, including exporting electronic resumes to your ATS.

A wide variety of data can be captured, sorted, and exported for post-event reference: sorting; candidate spreadsheets that can be exported; chat transcripts; resume books; and chat session attendee reports for applicant tracking and follow up.

##**#4: Three’s Not a Crowd**##
Companies that have three or more participants enjoy higher levels of engagement with candidates. Examples:

- One national industrial equipment supplier had nine employees participate, and drove nearly 1,500 private conversations with candidates.
- Another representative from a national financial organization said, “I like how easy it was to engage in candidates in a private chat. I had two going on at the same time, and it was so easy to switch between the two while still keeping an eye on the general chat room.”
- The representative from a national retailer reported, “This is awesome! I have already recruited one person who I think will make a great manager for our downtown Chicago location. This has been a really great experience for me.”

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