Whatever it Takes to Get the Job Done”

**SODEXO** [http://sodexousa.com/usen/careers/careers.aspx](http://sodexousa.com/usen/careers/careers.aspx) [www.SodexoHiresHeroes.com](http://www.SodexoHiresHeroes.com) Sodexo offers on-site services such as facilities management and food service operations for client organizations students faculty patients and residents. Sodexo is the 18th largest employer worldwide with 419 000 employees in 80 countries across the globe. In North America Sodexo’s 132 600 employees serve clients and customers in hospitals long-term care and retirement centers schools college campuses government facilities and remote sites. With more than 9 000 locations in the United States Sodexo can provide transfer opportunities for spouses during deployment or relocation of servicemembers. U.S. headquarters are in Gaithersburg Maryland. The company has dedicated resources to maximize hiring efforts for veterans provide tools for veteran employees to engage in networking and mentoring once on board and offer job-transfer and flexible work options. As a result Sodexo has received awards from U.S. Veterans Magazine the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve and AMVETS. Sodexo is experiencing rapid growth in its facilities management and clinical technology management businesses. The company has opportunities for experienced managers in its healthcare education and corporate environments. Sodexo is looking for talent in fields such as food service management facilities and engineering management clinical nutrition environmental services information technology sales accounting and human resource management. According to Sodexo veterans make great employees because of their dedication to teamwork and commitment to excellence. They thrive on new assignments and the challenges of new locations recognize the value of diversity in teamwork and use their leadership skills to mentor a team run a business or partner with clients. ###A VETERAN SUCCESS | JOHN GERMAN John German spent nine years in the United States Air Force before separating as a senior airman. His main responsibility was as a K-9 Handler. Now he is a general manager 2 of clinical engineering at North Ottawa Community Hospital in Grand Haven Michigan where he is responsible for managing and maintaining clinical medical equipment. He started working at Sodexo in 2007. “I joined Sodexo in 2007 as a biomedical technical (BMET) 1 ” he said. “A year later I was promoted to a BMET 2 as a lead technician and then in 2012 was promoted to a general manager 2.” He credits completing his education with helping him land his current position. “The VA program I was enrolled in helped me complete college and land a career with Sodexo ” he said. German credits what he learned in the military with helping him at his current company. “Motivation working as a team and accountability have all helped mold me for the job that I do today ” he said. The military also taught him to finish every task a trait that has helped him in the civilian world: “I learned to do ‘whatever it takes to get the job done.’ This one saying has helped in ways I can’t even begin to explain. It’s my goal with each project to do whatever it takes to see the job through and complete it correctly the first time.” German believes veterans will feel right at home at Sodexo. “The structure that is set in place at Sodexo is something that anyone coming out of the military can relate to ” he said. “Sodexo is a top veteran-friendly company who offers these employees a resource group called HONOR to gain support guidance and career planning.” He encourages veterans not to forget what they learned in the military. “Remember your core values that you have learned throughout your time in service ” he said. “These will serve you well in your civilian opportunities.” German encourages veterans to check out Sodexo. “This is a great organization to work for veterans ” he said. “The opportunities are here to move upward with your career as long as you are willing to put in the work – an idea that as veterans we are no strangers to.” He believes that veterans are ready for anything. “Just remembering what you’ve been trained for will prepare you for life’s challenges ” he said.