Finding the Right, Timely Solution

**VIAQUEST** []( []( ViaQuest, Inc., a veteran-owned firm, provides healthcare and human services for individuals with developmental disabilities, aging adults, and adults experiencing severe or persistent mental health issues. Service lines include residential, day programs, vocational, nursing, home health, hospice, psychiatric and behavioral, employment, and veteran. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, and has additional offices in Cleveland, Dayton, and Cincinnati as well as Indiana and Pennsylvania. ViaQuest employs nearly 1,800 people. Opportunities at ViaQuest include nursing (RN, LPN, STNA, CNA, and uncertified direct-care employees), social work, administrative support, case management, customer service, operations, and program management. The company’s biggest human resource needs are direct-care employees, nurses, and social workers. President and CEO Rich Johnson served with the United States Air Force as a financial management accountant at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Johnson and his team are committed to hiring veterans and providing healthcare services to veterans. The company also supports veteran employment; its Veteran Services Division helps veterans with job placement. ****************************************************************************************************** **A VETERAN SUCCESS | JOSEPH BELL** Joseph Bell spent four years in the Army before separating as a first lieutenant. He was an infantry officer, a rifle platoon leader in Afghanistan, and a rifle company executive officer in Iraq. He is now the executive director of residential services at ViaQuest, responsible for state-wide programming and operations for the Residential Services Division. He started with ViaQuest in 2015. “The leadership training and experiences I gained in high-stress situations helped me stand out during the interview process,” he said. “Regardless of how much chaotic work may get, my past military experiences help me remain calm and confident in finding the right, timely solution.” He also learned how to overcome obstacles in the military. “The discipline to always get the job done, regardless of the obstacles, with attention to detail and integrity helps me complete any complex project,” he said. Bell believes that ViaQuest is a great fit for veterans. “ViaQuest highly values integrity, diversity, and the problem-solving skillset that veterans bring,” he said. When servicemembers are ready to look for civilian employment, Bell encourages them to keep an open mind. “Utilize veteran services organizations,” he said, “and be open to new career fields and opportunities. Highlight management experience, and be open and honest about development opportunities – admitting a quality you are working to improve is a strength, not a weakness.” ******************************************************************************************************************************* **A VETERAN SUCCESS | ZACH ASMAN** Zach Asman, assistant director of veteran services at ViaQuest, served in the Air Force for six years before separating as a staff sergeant. At ViaQuest, he helps veterans with job placement, employment services, benefits, clinical support, and referrals. He joined the company in 2014. When it comes to post-military employment, Asman encourages servicemembers to network and plan. “Have a plan six months to one year before leaving the military,” he said. “Know what you want to do well in advance. If you’d like to pursue a civilian career, be sure to attend events like job fairs and join organizations for veterans. If you’d like to go back to school, know what your interests are and what path you’re taking. Be decisive and confident. Prepare in advance, have a financial plan, start networking immediately, be realistic about salary difference in the civilian world – and always remember that furthering your education is an option.” What did Asman learn in the military? “I learned to be adaptable,” he said, “perseverance, leadership skills, loyalty, and discipline. There are so many more skills I learned in the military, it’s hard to even express in words.” He stresses the importance of flexibility when entering a new position. “Being able to adjust to new things and maintain a positive attitude,” he said. “No day was ever the same as another in the military, so constantly keeping up with changes was a necessity.” Asman believes that ViaQuest is a great place for veterans to work. “We are veteran-owned, have an excellent company culture and are family-oriented,” he said. “We also look at each candidate individually and take the time to translate veteran applications and resumes to civilian careers.” As for working at ViaQuest, Asman said not to be shy. “Be sure of what you want to do, have a focus, be confident, and know you’re qualified,” he said.