Commitment to the Organization

**NORTH SHORE-LIJ HEALTH SYSTEMS** []( []( North Shore-LIJ delivers clinical care throughout the New York metropolitan area; research at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, highlighted by the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine; and healthcare coverage to individuals, families, and businesses through the CareConnect Insurance Co. Inc. North Shore-LIJ cares for people at every stage of life at 19 hospitals and more than 400 outpatient physician practices throughout the region. North Shore-LIJ’s owned hospitals and long-term care facilities house more than 6,400 beds, employ more than 13,000 nurses, and have affiliations with about 10,000 physicians. With a workforce of about 54,000, North Shore-LIJ is the largest private employer in New York State. North Shore-LIJ's career opportunities range from nurses and allied health professionals to non-clinical professionals such as workers in human resources, finance, information technology, materials management, procurement, and marketing, as well as support careers such as environmental service, food service, and clerical. North Shore-LIJ has a strong veteran recruitment and hiring program. The organization has supportive policies and practices in place for members of the National Guard and reserve forces. A dedicated veteran outreach specialist – a veteran himself – attends job fairs, conducts Barracks-to-Business Workshops, and is the point of contact for all veteran seeking employment. He coaches candidates, advises them on resume writing, etc. North Shore-LIJ also has a dedicated business employee resource group (BERG) called VALOR (Veterans and Allies: Liaisons of Reintegration). VALOR’s mission is to ensure that military personnel, veterans, and their family members reenter civilian communities successfully, attaining gainful employment, physical and psychological well-being, and a high quality of life. VALOR also extends employees an opportunity to help newly hired veterans navigate the organization’s growing health system. Each year, North Shore-LIJ also holds a veteran luncheon to honor its employees who recently served on active duty and gives them a pay differential to make their yearly compensation whole. The company also trains supervisors on veterans’ issues. The company believes that veterans make good employees because they bring with them the skills to do the job in a timely and efficient manner. They have both the hard and soft skills coveted by employers, such as leadership, management, teamwork, accountability, and responsibility. Employers and organizations can benefit from the many strengths that veterans bring to the workplace, according to North Shore-LIJ. Veterans work well in teams; and they have organizational skills, a sense of duty, and self-discipline. They exhibit a strong work ethic, they follow through on assignments, and they can solve problems, adapt to changing situations, and follow rules and schedules. ***************************************************************************************************** ###A VETERAN SUCCESS | MELONIE LONGACRE Melonie Longacre was in the United States Army from 2003 to 2012, separating as a sergeant. She served in the radiology department of a combat support hospital, as a unit drug and alcohol prevention leader, a physical fitness NCO, and an M2 gunner for the convoy team. She is now the director of radiology and cardiology at North Shore-LIJ’s Plainview and Syosset hospitals. She started working for the organization in 2011, and it did not take her long to understand that North Shore-LIJ takes care of its veterans. “I quickly joined VALOR,” she said. “This is where I became a member of the military translation team and the mentorship program. I was involved in a veteran recruiting event bringing over 100 veterans to our recruiting station and matching some up with jobs within the organization, along with many other veterans’ events. “The health system is extremely progressive and loves to invest in their employees. They recognized my military leadership experience and sent me to their Applied Leadership Effectiveness and Development course – which I graduated in 2012 after completing a Capstone Project. In 2013, I became a Six Sigma green belt and was involved in a successful project that was multidisciplinary. “I also became a master trainer for Team Strategies to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (Team STEPPS). This program was adapted by the military to promote safety and teamwork. North Shore-LIJ recognized the importance of this program and implemented it into the patient care setting. In 2013, I graduated with my master of business administration.” North Shore-LIJ has helped Longacre reach a high level. “If it was not for this veteran-friendly company I may not have reached my full potential as a leader,” she said. “They sent me to Cornell University to complete the Academy for Healthcare Leadership Advancement in 2014. In 2015, I received Syosset Hospital’s Leadership Award. I received this award because of my commitment to the organization, my outstanding team, and the endless support from administration. I give credit to my wonderful mentors, continuing education that was provided to me, and North Shore-LIJ’s commitment to veterans.”