Testimonials Of Job Seekers At Recent Events

**CLEVELAND / SEPTEMBER 3** - Met a lot of great people, and it was very well organized. – Army - The staff was extremely helpful and polite. The exhibitors were very friendly, kind, and informed. – Marine Corps **SAN ANTONIO / SEPTEMBER 3** - Really good information shared. Prepared me for civilian sector interviewing. – Navy - It’s nerve-wracking, but once you start talking to the exhibitors, they all just really want to help. – Army **BOSTON / SEPTEMBER 2** - Walking in, the first thing I found was the free job counseling – Stand Beside Them – and that set the perfect tone to start what is, unavoidably, a stressful process. – Coast Guard - My husband landed his current job from the same career fair eight years ago, and I’m hoping that the same will happen to me. I targeted and submitted my resume to a handful of companies and, so far, I have one interview scheduled next week. – Army spouse **DENVER / AUGUST 27** - I made 12 good potential employment contacts. I have had two excellent interviews and one more next week, plus the fourth is moving along with the on-line hiring process. – Marine Corps and Air Force - Good employers seem to come out for the vets – impressive! Highly recommend to all vets of any age and at any stage in their careers. – Army National Guard **BIRMINGHAM / AUGUST 27** - I had an on-the-spot interview while I was at the job fair, had an assessment sent to my email by the time I got home, and a phone interview the following Monday. I have now had a face-to-face and am waiting on the results. – Air Force - Excellent mix of employers and the length of time for the event was very well thought out.. – Marine Corps **DALLAS / AUGUST 27** - Because I had received prior emails for companies based on my resume/profile, I knew what to expect and who to go to once I made it to the event. I received three interviews within the next three days. – Army - Having gone to several job fairs previously, the RecruitMilitary Job Fair staff seemed much most focused and genuine in wanting to see applicants benefit from the event. – Navy **RICHMOND / AUGUST 20** - I thought the “pep talk” at the beginning of the job fair was very useful. It was also a good mix of companies. – Navy - I personally appreciated the call checking in to be sure I was aware of the job fair and making herself available to answer questions. – Army **LOUISVILLE / AUGUST 20** - I felt the vendors were up front about positions available and very informative. – Army - I liked that there were several colleges there reminding me to use my education benefits. – Army **NEW ORLEANS / AUGUST 13** - The pre-fair communications were awesome. – Marine Corps - Was able to secure two interviews and one job offer. Thank you! – Air Force **TAMPA / AUGUST 13** - Plenty of recruiters with military recruiting experience. – Army - It’s a breath of fresh air to see that there’s a career fair for military personnel transitioning out and companies/agencies are looking. – Marine Corps **SAN DIEGO / AUGUST 6** - Well-advertised, well-organized, well-attended. – Army - It was an eye-opener to see the different organizations providing training and jobs to veterans. – Navy **RALEIGH / AUGUST 6** - The RecruitMilitary job fair was an excellent opportunity to meet and network with many organizations and people all in one place. If given the opportunity to ever attend one, you should. – Army and Marine Corps - I liked how the companies brought prior service personnel to help translate your skills. – Army **COLUMBUS / JULY 30** - When I needed help finding a company that needed my skills, the event coordinators guided me to the right place. – Air Force Reserve - The people organizing it and the vendors definitely cared about helping vets. – Army **PHILADELPHIA / JULY 23** - I’ve secured two interviews already from the job fair. – Air Force - This was an amazing event. Much needed when exiting/separating from the military. – Navy **SACRAMENTO / JULY 23** - I came away with a lot of great information. – Marine Corps - I have an odd skill set and still managed to find one employer who enthusiastically asked for my resume. – Air Force **ST. LOUIS / JULY 16** - Speaking with individuals already in the organization was really great and helped me gain valuable insight. – Air Force - I watched your videos to prepare for the event, which I thought were helpful. The DAV and RecruitMilitary folks did a fine job. – Navy **PORTLAND / JULY 16** - Excellent communication and information to help one prepare. This helped prepare me to feel more confident and less nervous about approaching potential hiring sources. – Navy and Army - Every exhibitor with whom I spoke was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. – Marine Corps