From MP To Custom Protection Officer

**G4S Secure Solutions USA** []( G4S provides security for government institutions, nuclear power plants, petro-chemical facilities, ports, airports, higher education institutions, and businesses. The company works to ensure the security of key assets — people, property, products, and reputation – via a combination of security personnel, project management, risk management, and technology. G4S employs more than 50,000 people at over 100 offices across the United States. Its G4S Secure Solutions USA unit is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. G4S offers room to grow in many different directions. Employees have the chance to move up to positions of senior management, or they can acquire roles supervising large regions. The company recognizes that veterans have the right training and attitude to succeed in the security business. Their skills, in many cases, translate perfectly to the services G4S provides its clients. Veterans make up more than 25 percent of all G4S employees in the United States, and can be found at all levels of the company, from entry-level positions to senior management. G4S has hired more than 12,000 veterans since August of 2011 in partnership with the White House’s Joining Forces campaign. ********************************************************************** *A VETERAN SUCCESS | JADE MESSAM* Jade Messam separated from the United States Army Reserve as a first lieutenant, after serving four years as a military police officer. She joined G4S in 2014 and is currently a custom protection officer. She can attest to the fact that the skills she acquired in the Reserve carry over into her civilian career. “As a person with military experience, I have proven abilities and skills in several areas, including leadership, security skills, and an understanding of technology,” she said. Her current position is not a far cry from what she did in the military. “My job requires a lot of the very same skills I learned in the military,” she said. “I have responsibility, post orders that must be followed, and I work among a group of others who have similar military experience. So that’s nice. I deal with people all day long, so my people skills and communication are essential for my success. “I think my military background helps me to be a successful security officer for several reasons. As a member of the military, I had experience in working efficiently under pressure, and I gained a respect for procedures. Both of these skills and capabilities are essential in the private security industry.” Messam advises servicemembers who are seeking civilian jobs to target veteran-friendly employers. “I would suggest they reach out to companies such as G4S who welcome veterans and help them transition,” she said. “Just apply and work your way in. There is a culture of appreciation here for veterans, and they support us with military service in the National Guard and reserves. Also, my advice would be to have someone look at your resume to make sure the language you are using speaks to private industry.” She encourages servicemembers to be aggressive when it comes to post-military employment: “Reach out to those you know and get your resume ready. It was nice that I found a company that honored my skills and capabilities – plus helped me maintain my leadership role in the Reserve.”