The Job Fair Paid Off

**EPIC HEALTH SERVICES** []( Epic Health Services provides pediatric skilled nursing and therapy services as well as adult home healthcare services. The company has clinics and home health branches in Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas – and is expanding rapidly in other states. Headquarters are in Dallas Epic has many positions available. The company is interested in hiring veterans for their skills in leadership and teamwork as well as their ability to perform well under pressure. Epic also understands that military experience fosters great respect for processes and procedures, and that veterans are never afraid to tackle tough problems to obtain results. In addition, the company wants to show its appreciation to those who have sacrificed so much by offering employment opportunities to servicemembers upon completion of their contracts. ##A VETERAN SUCCESS | LEAH NICHOLLS Leah Nicholls spent four years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, separating as a corporal. In the Marines, she was a heavy equipment operator. At Epic, she is a junior veteran employment recruiter. She joined Epic in 2014, and quickly came up with the Epic Veteran Employment Program (EVE), with a goal of hiring veterans throughout the United States. How did she find Epic? “While beginning the journey of transitioning out of the military, I planned to visit Dallas and prepare for civilian life,” she said. “I planned to move to this location from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, in November 2014. In July 2014, I was visiting Dallas when I noted that a veteran job fair produced by Recruit Military was taking place. I attended the event in hopes of being able to network with other companies and put my name out there for future employment opportunities. I was introduced first thing after walking into the door to Chris Roussos, CEO of Epic Health Services, who was standing in front of their booth handing out information for his company. I was eager to visit every booth, but grateful that Chris had taken the time to stop me and actually speak to me.” That warm welcome went a long way with Nicholls. “It's very nerve-wracking to transition from military to civilian, let alone in a city that you have never been to,” she said. “I was impressed with Chris and Epic's handout that I was able to gather in the time spent at the fair. After returning to Camp Lejeune to finish out my contract, I was able to keep in contact with Chris – who also led me to his recruiting department, where I was able to have my resume and application kept until I was honorably discharged. Epic kept me in the loop for the next six months, following up with me, and I was able to move to Dallas and land an interview in two short weeks.” “I am currently working for the recruiting department within Epic Health Services, and I love every minute of it,” Nicholls said. “I am blessed to be able to show my leadership capabilities and to apply my attention to detail and the adaptability skills obtained in the Marine Corps towards my work now. Epic has shown me how to spread exceptional care and service to others outside of the armed forces.” Nicholls is proud of Epic’s dedication to the military. “I am pleased to work for a company that honors our military and has allowed me to grow with them,” she said. “I am now going to be recruiting veterans through our company and working with RecruitMilitary again to provide job opportunities to those who deserve it most. Recruit Military has been a great resource for me during my enlistment and afterwards in helping to find employment. I am happy to be working alongside and for businesses that support those who serve.”