Speaking Up When You See a Better Way

**PNC BANK** [www.pnc.com](www.pnc.com) [www.pnc.com/en/about-pnc/careers/military.html](www.pnc.com/en/about-pnc/careers/military.html) PNC Bank, National Association, a member of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., is one of the largest diversified financial-services institutions in the United States. It provides retail, business, and residential mortgage banking as well as specialized services for corporations and government entities. The latter services include: * corporate banking * real estate finance * asset-based lending * wealth management * asset management. For the 12 months ending Sept. 30, 2015, PNC Bank had revenues of $15,319,000,000. On that date, it had $232 billion in assets and 53,150 employees. PNC is headquartered in Pittsburgh, and has retail operations in 19 eastern states and the District of Columbia. Principal locations include Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Charlotte, Cleveland, Washington, Detroit, Louisville, Philadelphia, Raleigh, and Tampa and West Palm Beach, Florida. The bank has 2,600 locations and about 9,000 ATM’s in its network. Based on the demographic changes in the workplace – related to the retiring of baby boomers over the next several years – PNC will need: * in the technology area, people with expertise in cybersecurity, mobile-product development, and platform efficiencies * in the operations area, people with the ability to lead teams and innovate more efficient processes for servicing clients * in the sales area, people to utilize effective communication skills to help clients manage assets * in the Strategic Initiatives Office, staff to manage projects effectively *PNC AND THE MILITARY* PNC is committed to attracting and retaining veterans and reservists by creating a welcoming culture and environment. The company’s values – performance, respect, teamwork, and integrity – are all important in its diverse and inclusive workplace, and align with the values held by active and former military. At PNC, they believe a commitment to military veterans and reservists is ultimately good for business. PNC has a dedicated individual who works on recruiting servicemembers and veterans. In addition, a section of the company website addresses employment opportunities for servicemembers and veterans. To hire servicemembers, the company has partnered with: * Veterans Leadership Program * U.S Chamber of Commerce Hire Our Heroes * RecruitMilitary * Veterans on Wall Street * Wall Street Warfighters * Soldier for Life * Marine for Life PNC has access to 59 military bases to recruit servicemembers transitioning to the civilian work force. The company also has Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) councils in all of its markets. The councils partner with local community organizations serving servicemembers and veterans. In recent years, the councils have appointed a market champion to represent PNC’s Military Employee Business Resource Group, identify local opportunities to help veterans via community events, and support local active military employees. And with its suppler-diversity program, PNC identifies and invites veteran-owned businesses to become part of its supply-chain pool. *A VETERAN SUCCESS | INDIA BLUE* India Blue served for 10 years on active duty is now in her third year of reserve service in the United States Air Force. She is a technical sergeant and handles command and control (emergency actions, flight follow aircraft, operational reporting), and training new airmen. Blue is now a senior loan support analyst at PNC Bank; she joined the company in August 2015. She helps men and women complete Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) applications by telephone, and she updates loan document records with new information. She has also helped create new call-center procedures and job aids for the Servicemembers Operations Center. Blue knows that people with military experience often see things differently – and that can be very helpful in a civilian workplace. “I feel that my ability to think outside the box can be a great asset to any company,” she said. “Sometimes, companies continue to do things the same way they have been doing them for years without thinking about why things are done that way or if there are more efficient and effective ways to complete a process. I believe that speaking up when you see a better way of doing something is valuable. In the military, I was taught to speak up if I have a better way to get a task done – and here at PNC they are eager to listen to my input.” Blue advises servicemembers to take advantage of educational opportunities. “I would suggest they finish their associate’s or bachelor’s degree if possible before leaving the military,” she said. “If not, then soon after separating. In my opinion, military experience doesn’t hold as much weight in the civilian world as you think it should. Having my Community College of the Air Force degree in information systems technology was a big help for me in pursuing a career. Any degree along with military experience is a winning combination, and makes securing a job a lot easier.” Customer service skills also come in handy at any job. “On active duty, I spoke with customers on the phone all day, and was responsible for maintaining a number of records and databases,” said Blue. “Knowing the importance of attention to detail and providing excellent customer service has made my transition to PNC an easy one. As part of my now routine daily duties, I maintain and create records and speak with our servicemember customers. This is something that comes naturally to me because of my military-based skills.” Military experience also taught Blue how to adapt to any situation, something that will pay off in the civilian sector. “Due to the fact that the military is a diverse organization and you don’t stay in one place for too long, I have learned how to work in any setting and have the ability to adapt quickly,” she said. “Being in the right place at the right time is a part of who I am. Just as in the military, being able to work effectively in a team, and displaying positive character traits are also part of PNC’s core values.”