My Future is All in My Hands

**NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL** []( Northwestern Mutual established its first office in Memphis in 1965. Today, the financial representatives of Northwestern Mutual in Memphis provide businesses and individuals throughout the mid-south with a broad range of financial products and services – including life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, investment strategies and products, employee and executive benefit programs, education funding, estate analysis, and retirement analysis. Led by Managing Partner Jim Meeks, Northwestern Mutual in Memphis has district network offices in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Missouri. The company recognizes that the armed forces of the United States have a history of not only engaging in and supporting combat but also helping people in a variety of ways. Veterans had the dedication and commitment to do all of these jobs successfully. At Northwestern Mutual, veterans have the opportunity to continue the commitment they made to helping people. Veterans can do this in locations of their choice – their hometowns, near their most recent military bases, or other places where they would like to live. They can have a lasting impact on people’s lives by helping them achieve financial security. Careers as financial representatives may also enable them to reach their own personal, professional, and financial goals. ###A VETERAN SUCCESS | ERIC KALA Eric Kala, CLU®, now a financial advisor in San Antonio, was halfway through college on September 11, 2001. After the attack, his devotion to our country drove him to leave school and enlist in the United States Air Force. As an avionics mission systems specialist, he spent four years working on bombers and cargo planes, keeping them ready to go whenever and wherever needed. He maintained and repaired radar and communications systems and flight controls, among other duties. When Kala left the Air Force, he went looking for a career in which he could find new ways of serving people. “If you bring the work ethic you had in the military to this career, there is no limit to the success you can achieve,” he said. ###A VETERAN SUCCESS | DAVID DEEGAN After joining the United States Navy right out of junior college, David Deegan (MBA, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®) spent four years as an aircraft electrician servicing jets and helicopters. After that, he began his college studies in engineering and spent some time in technical sales. But he realized that he wanted more than just a job – he wanted a fulfilling career. He is now a financial advisor with Northwest Mutual. “The military taught me discipline and how to face and overcome challenges,” he said. “Those skills have been invaluable to me as a financial representative. What’s exciting in this career is that there is so much upward potential. My future is all in my hands.” Deegan enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. “I recently got together with a couple who I’ve worked with for the past six years,” he said. “When we first met, their financial situation was pretty messy. They had a lot of debt and couldn’t see how they were going to achieve their goals. We worked together, and over time they referred me to many of their friends to offer them financial guidance. When we last met, the couple told me that several of their friends were together recently, debating who I have helped the most. It’s an exhilarating feeling to know that I have made a difference. The couple is now looking to move to a new house and feels they are making great progress toward accomplishing many of their other goals.” The former sailor recognizes that it can be challenging to start a new career after the military. “It can be challenging to get started in this career, especially if you move to an area where you don’t know anyone,” he said. “You will need to figure out the people you want to work with and who you can network with to get your career going. What I really like about this career is that everybody can be successful if they are willing to work hard. Your success is never at the expense of someone else’s.” Deegan said that a financial background is not necessary for success as a financial advisor. “Northwestern Mutual provides the hands-on learning and great support from people with tremendous industry experience,” he said. “What’s key is the ability to help people understand their problems, overcome their challenges, and achieve their goals. It’s never about pushing a product.”