First and Foremost is Integrity

**AMERICAN EXPRESS** []( American Express is a global service company, providing payment, travel, and expense-management solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Global headquarters are located in New York City, and the company has operations in more than 130 countries. American Express does $33 billion in annual revenue and has 50,000+ employees worldwide. The company has opportunities in: - Client management and sales - Customer care - Digital ccommerce - Finance - Marketing - Risk and iinformation management - Technology - Travel - Virtual careers American Express is in the midst of a digital transformation. So the company is building a diverse group of engineers, technical project managers, and designers. The company is recruiting transitioning and veteran personnel through a variety of channels. It sources from veteran-specific job boards and through social media sites, participates in job fairs and conferences, partners with government organizations and teams at military bases near its campuses in the United States, and encourages employee referrals through the support of its internal network of veteran employees. The members of the network served in all capacities from infantry to submarine warfare. The company has found that its veteran employees are performance-oriented, have a strong work ethic, thrive under pressure, excel at teamwork, demonstrate strong leadership skills, and have strong problem-solving skills. ###A VETERAN SUCCESS | LONELLI E. GONZALEZ Lonelli E. Gonzalez spent eight years in the Navy, working mostly in public affairs, before separating as a lieutenant j.g. She is now a senior manager with American Express, responsible for client management. She started at the company in January 2013, and started a New York City Veterans Chapter for American Express the following October. One of the things that she likes about American Express is that the veterans there help each other. “American Express has an amazing, close-knit group of veterans who go out of their way to help veterans succeed – whether internally (leadership development) or externally (community outreach),” she said. “There’s camaraderie between us that is reminiscent of the military.” The culture there plays a big role in every employee’s success. “Employee networks at American Express are essential to driving a culture of inclusion which enables employees to reach their full potential,” said Gonzalez. “Our VET network supports our coworkers who are either veterans, currently serving in the military, have friends or family in the military, or just want to show their support for our troops.” “If you are a veteran or military employee, there are additional resources and tools available to you, including a Welcome Back Benefit, our Healthy Minds Program for counseling and wellness support, the Veterans Education Benefit, and a Veteran eThanks program.” Several skills that Gonzalez developed in the military have helped her at American Express. “Leadership (up, down, and across the chain of command), the ability to handle difficult and ambiguous situations, and resourcefulness are the skills that are ingrained in every veteran and are most valuable to my career at American Express,” she said. But other characteristics are just as important as skills. “First and foremost is integrity,” she said. “It’s the cornerstone of everything we do in the armed forces. Secondary characteristics are discipline and accountability. They help me every day both at work and in my personal life.” As for looking for employment post-military, Gonzalez encourages veterans to get involved. “Volunteer for a project that interests you outside of work,” she said. “Join a professional services group in the function you want to pursue outside of the military. Consider an advanced degree, such as an MBA, which helps supplement your military experience.” Veterans who want to work at American Express should utilize the company’s online resources. “Go to the career center of our website and look at the different roles that interest you,” Gonzalez said. “From there, you can target your search based on geographic preference and job function. We’ve also got a new page on LinkedIn specifically designed for veterans.”