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Many veterans enter the workforce with specific skills and advantages that make them uniquely qualified for Law Enforcement and Security. Use these resources to learn more.

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Industry Spotlight: Law Enforcement

Careers in law enforcement, security, and corrections run the gamut, and if you’re hankering to continue your service in a fast-paced role, this field offers job security and plenty of opportunities.

November-December 2017, Law Enforcement and Security

These 40 Law Enforcement/Security Organizations Want to Hire You!

The law enforcement agencies and security firms listed below have demonstrated their commitment to recruiting veterans by using RecruitMilitary products and services. We encourage men and women with military backgrounds who are interested in careers in law enforcement to consider these...

Search & Employ®, November-December 2017, Law Enforcement and Security

Mission-Ready at Signal 88 Security

Military experience lends itself well to the qualifications Signal 88 Security looks for in new franchise partners. The company wants team captains and people who are willing and able to make big decisions.

July-August 2017, Law Enforcement and Security


In order to help veteran job seekers evaluate opportunities in law enforcement, I asked Sgt. Corlett to discuss the operations of a mid-size city police department and to explain how law enforcement jobs might appeal to veterans.

Search & Employ®, March-April 2017, Law Enforcement and Security