Why to Stop Throwing Your Resume Out Like Confetti”

###Meet Cassie Glubzinski. ####As the Military Outreach Coordinator at [John Deere](https://www.deere.com/en/) she wants to hire military veterans and spouses across the nation. In order to do so her team participates in multiple RecruitMilitary hiring events and programs throughout the year. **Read about how her own job search experience as a military spouse informs her hiring decisions and priorities now:** **Cassie Glubzinski:** I help to coordinate all the outreach that we do to transitioning service members veterans military spouses and other military-affiliated personnel. I am part of a fantastic team of folks here at John Deere. Whenever we have someone military-affiliated fill out a contact card showing [interest in our opportunities](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/jobs?keywords=john%20deere&location=&utm_source=RM%20Job%20Board&utm_medium=John%20Deere%20Blog&utm_campaign=John%20Deere) we reach out to them and chat with them about options or matches at our company. I work one-on-one with candidates which is awesome and fulfilling. And I also do a lot of coordination to staff our booths at job fairs both virtual and in person. ###CORPORATE RECRUITING WITH MILITARY SPOUSE EXPERTISE ####As a military spouse she understands the strengths that come from that background. **CG:** I am an Army wife. My husband is active-duty Army. He's been serving for a little over 13 years and we've been married for 12 of them. I am immersed in the military life. It's very fulfilling to help folks that just like me when they're looking for employment opportunities or when they're looking for growth and learning opportunities. ###ADDRESSING RESUME GAPS AS A MILITARY SPOUSE ####Like many military spouses Glubzinski's career was not the priority while living overseas for the military. **CG:** I had a massive career gap when I married my husband. He was stationed in Germany and I flew out to live with him. We had a plan in place to wait five years or so to have kids to give me time to get used to being overseas. We found out we were pregnant in our first year of marriage so that plan shifted. His job had him changing duty stations more frequently than normal for our first about six years of marriage. After three kids we had a heart-to-heart about whether or not he was going to stay in the military and what I could be doing for my own career. We decided that the best course of action would be for me to go back to school. With this large career gap it was going to be very hard to get a job. We were hoping that an education might help bridge that gap a little bit so I went back to school and got an MBA. *See Glubzinski on a [recent episode of RecruitMilitary LIVE](https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:7016163706564681729/) where she discusses her own experience as a military spouse searching for the right role.* ###USING YOUR MILITARY RESOURCES CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR JOB SEARCH ####When it was time to begin a job hunt Glubzinski ran into some surprises. She needed to lean on her resources including organizations like RecruitMilitary to get to the “right people. **CG:** I really delved into the job search but I did it totally wrong. I was throwing my resume and applications out like confetti at a birthday party and it was going nowhere. I wasn't introducing myself to anyone. A few months in I was just very beat down by that. I began to realize that I was not utilizing the service organizations that exist solely for the purpose of helping spouses veterans transitioning military and military-affiliated folks to get in front of employers. I needed to start utilizing those organizations and getting coached. It was a big light bulb moment for me. I took a webinar on how to utilize LinkedIn and [I created my RecruitMilitary profile](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/jobs?utm_source=RM%20Login&utm_medium=John%20Deere%20Blog&utm_campaign=John%20Deere#signin) and also used other organizations that are out there specifically for spouses veterans and military folks. I began to really push networking. I targeted my resume for the jobs that I was applying for rather than just using a general resume. I was doing my best to get myself in front of the right people. Because the fact of the matter is that you can have every skill certification or education possible and still get turned down for a job if you haven't talked to the right people. ###MILITARY SKILLSETS ARE NEEDED IN THE WORKPLACE ####Glubzinski’s hard work paid off and she landed the role at John Deere. Now she uses her own experience and partners with RecruitMilitary to find candidates. **CG:** The whole point of my job at John Deere is being the “right people” for military folks. We love to say that during your tenure as a service member you are America's finest. That doesn't change when you become a veteran - and it includes military spouses. Veterans and military spouses have adaptability. They have leadership skills innovative mindsets and are mission focused. Those are qualities and characteristics that are not easily taught and have become a business imperative for a lot of companies. ###CONTINUE TO UPSKILL & NETWORK ####In her role as Military Outreach Coordinator at John Deere Glubzinski expects to see some resume gaps from job seekers. However there are ways to avoid it. **CG:** Gaps in a resume especially for a military spouse is normal and somewhat expected. But I would definitely say don't discredit your volunteer work. A lot of times spouses get tapped for different volunteer and community-based activities. Keep track of those because you're learning skills in each one of those instances that can translate into job experience. I would also say don't limit yourself. My background is in finance but I have found my niche in this field. I love working with SkillBridge candidates and I love doing military outreach. It is my passion and I never had considered this before. So be willing to research and to network and open yourself up. Begin networking. You never know who you're going to meet and how that one meetup could change the trajectory of your career. We are beyond grateful for organizations like RecruitMilitary and the work that they do to help John Deere find really amazing talent in the military community. And we are so grateful for the work that our military is doing every day. ###FINDING A JOB THAT WORKS WITH YOUR MILITARY LIFESTYLE ####Many military spouses struggle to find a job that works with their frequent moves. Glubzinski shares how John Deere understands the value of these individuals and are providing flexible options to meet the demanding military lifestyle. **CG:** It's hard as a spouse when you are applying for a job knowing you're only going to be there a couple years or a max of three years. It makes you sweat and you're wondering "If I'm only here this long are they really going to want to take that chance on me?" And the fact of the matter is companies are recognizing that if they have the opportunity for spouse talent and if they have the opportunity to host a [SkillBridge](https://skillbridge.osd.mil/) transitioning service member or to utilize and capitalize on veteran talent they want to do that. John Deere is one of those companies. There is at least one John Deere dealership attached to every single CONUS military installation - the opportunity is absolutely massive. We are excited to be able to hone in on military affiliated talent and we are continuing to grow in this area. Even though we've made such great strides there's still so much potential. There are only a few roles that are done at our major facilities that can't be done at our dealerships. You're not going to do cyber security or welding at our dealerships most likely. You're going to do those at our major facilities. But if you are interested in John Deere Financial and helping farmers get loans for the equipment that they need to harvest if you are interested in customer service interactions if you're interested in answering phones and helping to schedule different things with customers if you are interested in on-site tech support those are all jobs that are available at our dealerships. You want to turn a wrench? We could hire 2000 dealer technicians tomorrow. And they are literally nationwide. Our mission is helping farmers and infrastructure workers to feed and shelter the world. It is a mission that is focused on others. It requires sacrifice and it requires selfless service. And a lot of military affiliated folks are very empowered by our mission and being able to be a part of it. ###THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT ####What does Glubzinski love about working at John Deere? **CG:** What I love most about my job is when I'm able to help a veteran or a spouse land a job that they are excited to do and fulfilling and helps them provide for their family. Those are the moments that just makes me squeal. Totally squeal. ***************************************************************************************************** *Photo credit: [April Mae Photography](https://www.aprilmaephotography.com/)* *Ready to take the next step in your career journey? Complete your [RecruitMilitary professional profile ](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/jobs?utm_source=RM%20Login&utm_medium=John%20Deere%20Blog&utm_campaign=John%20Deere#signin) and begin searching open jobs today.* "