USAF Logistics Operations Manager Lands New Job within a Week of Working with Bradley-Morris, Inc.


After a career in logistics in the United States Air Force and earning a master’s degree, Doug separated from the military, ready to face his civilian job search head on. He connected with Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), and in less than a week, Doug was presented with several civilian career opportunities.

What is your current role after working with Bradley-Morris? Describe what you do.
I am an Assistant Distribution Manager at a major company in the automotive sector. I supervise the day to day operations of a +100k square foot production facility and 20 employees. My primary responsibility is maintaining inventory accuracy at the distribution center and ensuring that customers receive their products on time. I also work with my team to make sure they can perform their jobs in a safe work environment. I ensure that all team members’ training is up to date and equipment is in working order.

What is your favorite part of your day to day experience in your new role?
People are the main draw of this position for me. I get to interact with my team in a personal way just like I did in the military. I look forward to coming to work every day to help my team reach new heights and to develop myself personally. Also, I consider myself a constant learner, so I am enjoying discovering all the nuances of the civilian operations sector from one of the best managers in the industry.

Can you describe your experience working with Bradley-Morris?
I was amazed at how quickly my Candidate Recruiter was able to get me in front of companies. I thought the hiring process would take months, but I accepted a job offer within a week of working with BMI! I actually turned down job offers because I wasn’t able to start soon enough for several companies. I recommend BMI to any veteran who is thinking about separating because they will save you months of hassle of trying to navigate the civilian employment process.

What advice do you have for other transitioning military professionals?
Embrace the fact that the military and the civilian workforce are two different worlds. I am still learning to adjust to the civilian mentality and how it effects production and employee relations. You don’t need to abandon everything you learned in the military, but don’t expect your new civilian counterparts to think, act or perform the same as your old military compatriots.