Army Infantry Officer taps into Bradley-Morris’ Employer Network to Achieve Civilian Career Results

West Point graduate, Ben, served in the United States Army for nine years. Once he decided to leave the military he searched for a civilian career on his own. After several unsuccessful months, he contacted the team at Bradley-Morris (BMI) who alleviated his job search stress and worked with him to find an exciting career at a leading Material Handling Equipment Supplier.

Can you describe your current role?
I serve as the Technical Product Manager for one of the largest industrial solutions providers in the country. This position has brought a steep learning curve and the same day never happens twice. I support seven sales representatives across a five state region, providing solutions and service to customers across the gamut of manufacturing including the industries of auto, appliances, high-tech and integrators.

What is your favorite part of your new career?
My favorite part of my career is designing a solution for a complex operation or difficult application. I refer to this as “Solutions Engineering”, because that’s really what I do. If something doesn’t work, I make it work. If we don’t know how something should work, I find a way; this encompasses many facets of engineering from IT, electrical, programming, structural or mechanical.

How was working with Bradley-Morris?
Bradley-Morris was pivotal in my job search. I tried to find a job on my own for a couple of months out of some ill-placed concept of personal satisfaction and independence. As terminal leave got closer, I realized that I needed help. Job boards, social media and personal networking weren’t producing results; that’s when I reached out to Bradley-Morris. I accepted a job offer within two weeks!

What advice do you have for other transitioning military professionals?
We’ve heard it time and time again in the military: asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, and this is no different. The team at BMI has been exactly where you are right now and they understand your concerns, pressure and stressors. They get it, and this is what they do. You don’t need to do it alone.