Army Officer Erich Murray Finds Career he Loves in his Hometown

How did you get involved with Bradley-Morris (BMI)?
My relationship with BMI began nearly six years ago when I responded to an outreach email from Mike Arsenault, Vice President of Candidate Services. We maintained contact, even when I decided to remain in the Army longer than originally planned. He, along with my Recruiter and the Account Representative that introduced me to my current employer, were true professionals and advisors throughout the process.

Did you use any resources outside of BMI during your job search?
During my career search, I cast the nets far and wide. I leveraged my professional network to land a dozen interviews on top of attending two BMI hiring conferences. I was confident I would end up taking one of the options I pursued outside of BMI. However, when all the cards were on the table and decision time came, the two best opportunities presented were both from BMI.

Describe your current role.
I accepted a position through BMI as the District Manager of Facilities Services with a global corporation. I moved back to my hometown and now cover a territory that spans nearly all of Georgia. As one of 42 District Managers across the United States, my job is to oversee eight accounts, all different sizes and industries. Eight Front Line Managers report to me and provide custodial, maintenance, environmental, and grounds services to Hospitals, K-12 schools, universities, industrial facilities, and retirement homes. Needless to say, the job is challenging. Being responsible for every facet of performance throughout these teams is challenging, but something that we JMOS are equipped to handle.

What is the best part of your career?
I love it all. This job is everything I have ever wanted in a civilian career. Most importantly, it allows me the opportunity to continue doing what we JMOs do best: lead people. I never thought I would find such a challenging and rewarding career that met all of my decision criteria, but I am fortunate to say that with the help of Bradley-Morris, I did.