How to Recruit with Virtual Job Fairs

Want to reach a large group of veteran candidates with zero travel and a quick turnaround time? Participate in a virtual career fair. These events deliver a strong level of candidate engagement and premier brand positioning. More of your staff, including subject matter experts and other decision-makers, can participate in the recruiting process.

Why an online job fair

A virtual job fair allows companies to stay active in their region between our physical career fairs, as well as help them connect with veterans in cities our physical career fairs don’t reach. Not only do organizations connect with veterans on the day of the event, but they also receive access to all registered candidates. For data driven companies, the cost per candidate is incredibly compelling.

  • Create a veteran-friendly environment in custom-built chat rooms
  • Access critical candidate data such as security clearances, rank, experience, and education

Let us help you reach veterans from anywhere with a faster turnaround time from interview to hiring, a reduced cost per recruit, and brand positioning. View our Virtual Career Fair Insights.


See our Client Success Center for strategies to maximize our events and learn what to expect.


Options Price

Virtual Exhibitor

  • Unlimited number of company representatives
  • Access to all registered job seeker profiles
  • An employer profile page showcasing your organization's unique brand
  • Your exclusive chat room allowing for real-time engagement
  • In group and personalized one-to-one interactions
  • Multi-recruiter access to search registered candidates' resumes and profile details
  • Unlimited manual job postings in the virtual event
  • Unlimited manual job postings on RecruitMilitary job board for up to 30 Days


Targeted Exhibitor

  • Virtual Exhibitor Package ($1,495 value)
  • Pre-event Targeted Email ($1,295 value)


Regional Premier Sponsor

Receive all the benefits of a virtual exhibitor plus more:

  • All benefits of general event registration
  • Logo placement and branding in event
  • Priority employer listing


National Premier Sponsor

All the benefits of a regional premier exhibitor while connecting with candidates nationally


Private Virtual Career Fair Packages

Reach a targeted group of qualified job seekers in your own branded virtual setting.

  • 4-State | Targeted outreach in 1-4 states
  • Regional | Targeted outreach in 5+ states
  • National | Unlimited reach

Contact Us For Pricing

Deliver a consistent corporate message in custom-build chat rooms. Access critical candidate data such as security clearances, rank, experience, and education. View resumes and reach out to desirable candidates ahead of time with the Virtual Event Messaging Center. Make chat room updates instantaneously without the expense of reprinting materials.

Customized greetings, company logos, images, links to career pages and social media, videos, job listings, and contact information can be placed strategically on the landing page. Private chat options are available, while group chats let companies share general information that can still be viewed by candidates who enter the room later. Frequently asked questions can be stored for reference.

Since an unlimited number of recruiters may attend chat sessions, it’s possible to bring in stakeholders who may not be able to attend a physical event, such as subject matter experts, recent hires, or fellow veterans.

Multimedia tools allow video broadcasts to answer candidate questions. Multiple screens let colleagues create a panel discussion from entirely different locations using Google Chrome or Firefox.

One-on-one video chat capability presents an easy way to interview or take a candidate to another level of screening. Create Power Points and highlight compelling points that will get candidates excited about your organization at large.

Tremendous Reach

Exhibitors can access candidates both before and after the event and can narrow the types of candidates that interest them using likes and by noting candidates as favorites.

Data Collection

A wide variety of data can be captured, sorted, and exported by multiple recruiters for post-event reference, including candidate sorting; exportable candidate spreadsheets; chat transcripts; resume books; and chat session attendee reports for applicant tracking and follow up.

Unrestricted time frame to filter and export candidates’ profile details and contact information.

Unlimited job postings within the event platform and after-event activity reporting

Branding Options

Enhance your participation through co-branding, logo placement, and priority email listing with Title Sponsorships or as a Premier Exhibitor. Early bird discounts are also available.

Help Veterans

The veteran talent pool is very eager to communicate with you. Virtual events are easy for them to participate in, cutting out the logistics and costs associated with travel, and it’s free for them to attend.

Just because you won’t be leaving your office doesn’t mean you can wing it. Preparation is vital at a virtual job fair. Employ these tips for best results:

Get Ready

Seize this great branding opportunity to deliver a consistent corporate message and establish your organization as military friendly. Strategically positioning your culture, core values, expertise, and opportunities will tell candidates why they should come to work for you.

Free training offered in webinar format illustrates how to use all the tools available to you during the event. Learn to successfully leverage chats, video interviewing, and presentation screen sharing.

Load your landing page with branded greetings, company logos, imagery, links to career pages and social media, videos, job postings, and contact information.

Consider including a veteran employee’s perspective. Remember, veterans served in tight-knit groups where teamwork prevailed. Finding an organization that replicates key military values is a priority for many veteran job seekers.

One national healthcare company had their team of six recruiters meet ahead of time to walk through the website hosting the fair. They organized a resource package made up of downloadable resume templates and tips, an explanation of the hiring process, and a spreadsheet of open roles connected to hot links. They also created a slide show about what hiring managers really want to see on a resume.

The Early Bird Gets the Candidates

Participants receive immediate access to candidates upon creating their virtual booths, so prepping your booth ahead of time lets you reach the right job seekers first. Detailed data filters allow you to search, preview, and connect with desirable veteran job candidates ahead of time through a virtual event messaging center. Organizations have unlimited access to all registered candidates’ information, including exporting electronic resumes to your ATS.