How to Recruit with Virtual Job Fairs

Want to reach a large group of veteran candidates with zero travel and a quick turnaround time? Participate in a virtual career fair. These events deliver a strong level of candidate engagement and premier brand positioning. More of your staff, including subject matter experts and other decision-makers, can participate in the recruiting process.

Recruiting and Staffing Services

Locking down top talent is no easy task, especially if you need people quickly or require multiple hires. Our job recruitment services save time and money by delivering only qualified candidates, shortening the time to fill open positions. There’s no sifting through stacks of resumes and the process doesn’t drain your internal resources.

Military Recruitment Training Licenses

Military Base Hiring Events

Combine RecruitMilitary’s highly-regarded job fairs with the nation’s largest database of military job seekers, and you have the ingredients for a powerful return on investment. Attend one of our job fairs on military installations and meet newly transitioning military who will be joining the civilian workforce.

Job Postings for Employers

As the largest military-focused recruiting company in America, we love our mission of connecting veteran applicants with great job opportunities. Companies unsure where to post jobs for maximum traction need look no further: RecruitMilitary offers the best job posting site for employers.

Small Business Packages

VetExpress Automated Talent Delivery System

Military Veteran Recruitment Events

RecruitMilitary’s renowned veteran career fairs draw military talent from every branch of service, allowing exhibitors to efficiently source many veterans for one price under one roof. Our recruitment events take place at unique, attractive venues: stadiums, museums, racetracks, entertainment complexes, and more. RecruitMilitary events and services are free of charge to veterans and military spouses.

Local Public Safety Organization

Veteran Career Fair Sponsorships

Regional-Based Solutions

Why an online job fair

A virtual job fair allows companies to stay active in their region between our physical career fairs, as well as help them connect with veterans in cities our physical career fairs don’t reach. Not only do organizations connect with veterans on the day of the event, but they also receive access to all pre-registered candidates. For data driven companies, the cost per candidate is incredibly compelling.

  • Create a veteran-friendly environment in custom-built chat rooms
  • Access critical candidate data such as security clearances, rank, experience, and education

Let us help you reach veterans from anywhere with a faster turnaround time from interview to hiring, a reduced cost per recruit, and premier brand positioning.

Check out our 2020 Virtual Career Fair Insights to

learn why we have so many repeat exhibitors!

Download our product overview

“This is awesome! I have already recruited one person who I think will make a great manager for our downtown Chicago location. This has been a really great experience for me.” - National Retail Recruiter


Options Price

Virtual Exhibitor

  • An employer profile page showcasing your organization's unique brand
  • Your exclusive chat room allowing for real-time engagement
  • In group and personalized one-to-one interactions
  • Multi-recruiter access to search registered candidates' resumes and profile details
  • Unlimited job postings in the virtual event


Early-bird Exhibitor

Receive all benefits as a virtual exhibitor at a discounted rate.

Registration must be completed 30 days prior to event date.


Premier Exhibitor

Receive all the benefits of a virtual exhibitor plus more:

  • Logo placement and branding on event home page
  • Top priority listing of your profile page
  • All benefits of general event registration


Pre-Event Sponsor

  • Featured as one of the ‘Top Five Exhibitors’
  • Custom pre-event seminar advertised on main event page
  • Listed in all pre-event marketing outreach to veterans
  • Use of chat rooms (with video platform) for seminar, 10-11AM
  • One-on-one customer service provided

Contact Us For Pricing

Corporate Sponsor

  • Logo placement and branding on event home page
  • Featured as one of the ‘Top Five Exhibitors’
  • Branded messaging during event to drive traffic
  • Single custom social media post with corporate logo
  • Mentioned in media outreach

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Private Event Packages

Reach a targeted group of qualified job seekers in your own branded virtual setting.

  • Red | Targeted outreach in 1-4 states
  • Blue | Targeted outreach in 5+ states
  • Silver | Unlimited reach

Contact Us For Pricing

Deliver a consistent corporate message in custom-build chat rooms. Access critical candidate data such as security clearances, rank, experience, and education. View resumes and reach out to desirable candidates ahead of time with the Virtual Event Messaging Center. Make chat room updates instantaneously without the expense of reprinting materials.

Customized greetings, company logos, images, links to career pages and social media, videos, job listings, and contact information can be placed strategically on the landing page. Private chat options are available, while group chats let companies share general information that can still be viewed by candidates who enter the room later. Frequently asked questions can be stored for reference.

Since an unlimited number of recruiters may attend chat sessions, it’s possible to bring in stakeholders who may not be able to attend a physical event, such as subject matter experts, recent hires, or fellow veterans.

Multimedia tools allow video broadcasts to answer candidate questions. Multiple screens let colleagues create a panel discussion from entirely different locations using Google Chrome or Firefox.

One-on-one video chat capability presents an easy way to interview or take a candidate to another level of screening. Create Power Points and highlight compelling points that will get candidates excited about your organization at large.

Stand out from the rest by promoting your organization and increasing your visibility. Check out our Virtual Career Fair Sponsorship options.

Tremendous Reach

Exhibitors can access candidates both before and after the event and can narrow the types of candidates that interest them using likes and by noting candidates as favorites.

Data Collection

A wide variety of data can be captured, sorted, and exported by multiple recruiters for post-event reference, including candidate sorting; exportable candidate spreadsheets; chat transcripts; resume books; and chat session attendee reports for applicant tracking and follow up.

Unrestricted time frame to filter and export candidates’ profile details and contact information.

Unlimited job postings within the event platform and after-event activity reporting

Branding Options

Enhance your participation through co-branding, logo placement, and priority email listing with Title Sponsorships or as a Premier Exhibitor. Early bird discounts are also available.

Help Veterans

The veteran talent pool is very eager to communicate with you. Virtual events are easy for them to participate in, cutting out the logistics and costs associated with travel, and it’s free for them to attend.

Just because you won’t be leaving your office doesn’t mean you can wing it. Preparation is vital at a virtual job fair. Employ these tips for best results:

Get Ready

Seize this great branding opportunity to deliver a consistent corporate message and establish your organization as military friendly. Strategically positioning your culture, core values, expertise, and opportunities will tell candidates why they should come to work for you.

Free training offered in webinar format illustrates how to use all the tools available to you during the event. Learn to successfully leverage chats, video interviewing, and presentation screen sharing.

Load your landing page with branded greetings, company logos, imagery, links to career pages and social media, videos, job postings, and contact information.

Consider including a veteran employee’s perspective. Remember, veterans served in tight-knit groups where teamwork prevailed. Finding an organization that replicates key military values is a priority for many veteran job seekers.

One national healthcare company had their team of six recruiters meet ahead of time to walk through the website hosting the fair. They organized a resource package made up of downloadable resume templates and tips, an explanation of the hiring process, and a spreadsheet of open roles connected to hot links. They also created a slide show about what hiring managers really want to see on a resume.

The Early Bird Gets the Candidates

Participants receive immediate access to candidates upon creating their virtual booths, so prepping your booth ahead of time lets you reach the right job seekers first. Detailed data filters allow you to search, preview, and connect with desirable veteran job candidates ahead of time through a virtual event messaging center. Organizations have unlimited access to all registered candidates’ information, including exporting electronic resumes to your ATS.

We Offer Volume Hiring Options

Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary is the nation’s leading supplier of veteran talent with 40+ combined years of delivering solid results. We help you hire veterans by connecting your company with military candidates we already know with a low time-to-fill rate.

We specialize in placing veterans who are transitioning into new careers within key industries, such as engineering, sales, cyber security, operations, logistics, automotive, food and beverage, aerospace/defense, retail and more. Candidates come from both officer and enlisted ranks and possess the leadership and technical skills that are the most sought-after by our clients.

Our methods work well for unique hiring challenges, large-volume vacancies, or hard-to-fill openings requiring special qualifications or in high-demand fields.

No one surpasses the military when it comes to equipping its personnel with valuable, real-world skills. Veterans possess highly developed leadership skills and a history of delivering results and working successfully within a team. Plus, the tax incentives, workforce diversity, and OFCCP compliance make veterans attractive hires.

When balancing cost, speed, and quality, our recruiting services tighten your interview-to-hire ratio, delivering the best ROI. Marketing recruiting agencies can relieve the burden of empty leadership, operations, or technical roles.

Contact us to access and hire America’s greatest natural resource: its veterans.


Options Price

Recruiting Services

Connect with us and we will design a custom recruiting program to meet your hiring needs.

Contact Us for Pricing Options

Ready to Learn More?

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The gap between when talent is needed and when it’s found can be expensive. Talent shortages make an impact beyond just dollars. A slow recruiting process can cause ripple effects that cut across every level of an organization:

  • Lost productivity, experience, skills, and leadership
  • Employee frustration, increased workloads, and low morale
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Higher turnover

The good news? Contingency recruiting costs are much lower than enduring a prolonged vacancy.

Read our Contingency Recruiting Whitepaper.

You pay only after the job is successfully filled with a suitable veteran candidate. You’re still in charge of the whole process – you hire only the candidates who meet your needs.

You’ll partner with a single recruiter who analyzes your specific hiring needs. That analysis becomes a customized order that’s filled with matches using a combination of technology and subject matter expertise to identify the right candidates. We handle all logistical concerns, from candidate negotiations, location and salary to interview scheduling. The final candidates are then referred to you to interview.

Our recruiters are subject matter experts, because most of them are veterans, too. They speak the language of the military and understand both the hard and soft skills that former servicemembers possess, along with deep knowledge of military occupational specialties (MOS) and which military careers best align with civilian roles, removing the guesswork and resume interpretation.

Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary doesn’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk of hiring veterans. We are the only military hiring firm awarded the gold 2018 HIRE Vets Medallion Program Demonstration Award by the U.S. Department of Labor for leadership in recruiting, employing, and retaining America’s veterans. We were also one of several companies that helped shape the awards. We’re proud to be one of the few businesses awarded the HIRE Vets medallion in its inaugural year.

“I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, people skills and qualifications of every single candidate that I had the opportunity to interview.” - Technical Manager, Oil and Gas Industry

“Working with Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary was a top-notch experience. They provided me with a dream job opportunity that is allowing me to expand my career. They supported me and made sure I was informed and prepared to land the job. I got a maximum salary offer, relocation, and built solid rapport with the hiring company.”Navy veteran

Speak directly to the right people

Our Targeted Email campaigns deliver messages directly from us on your behalf. Leveraging our award-winning job board -- with more than 1,000,000 opt-in veterans fully registered and an incredible amount of data -- we are able to put your opportunities in front of a qualified, interested audience. Furthermore, our Targeted Emails will come from a veteran on the RecruitMilitary staff.

This combination of relevancy and personal service dramatically increases engagement and, ultimately, campaign success. Candidates will hear from a fellow veteran about your opportunity, they will have a direct line to ask questions, and receive a clear push to apply.

Choose an option that fits your needs. Whether seeking to fill one position right now or to fill multiple positions for a variety of locations -- we have a solution that fits.


Options Price

Send 1 Targeted Email


Send 10 Targeted Emails

A savings of $875


Send 15 Targeted Emails

A savings of $2,400


Send 25 Targeted Emails

A savings of $6,095


Send 40 Targeted Emails

A savings of $12,260


Send 55 Targeted Emails

A savings of $20,300


Send 75 Targeted Emails

A savings of $32,375


Send 100 Targeted Emails

A savings of $51,940


Advertise your opportunities to an engaged audience

Tell a bigger story about your brand. Attracting 125,000 unique website views per month, our microsites and ads are a great way to increase qualified traffic to your company’s career pages.

You can create ads that link directly to your career page, or we can build microsites on the RecruitMilitary platform. Ads will appear on the pages most frequently visited by Job Hunters. Microsites, on the other hand, provide the opportunity for you to tell a specific story to our veteran population about where your company is headed and why it’s the right fit for them.


Options Price

Banner Ad

  • Your ads will rotate on the pages most frequently visited by candidates. These include the Job Search Results Page and the RecruitMilitary Opportunity Expos Page.
  • You can choose to use a full width size at 250 X 250 pixels

$1,000 per month


  • This is an economical way to help meet OFCCP job-listing requirements and is ideal for large national companies in need of a constant candidate flow.
  • Your logo will rotate on RecruitMilitary’s Home Page and Job Search Results Page — and will link to a URL of your choice.
  • It also includes unlimited manual job postings.
  • Add unlimited job postings via XML or scraping for $500
  • Add unlimited access to search the RecruitMilitary database (300+ new candidates per day) for $3,000

$7,500 Annually

Complement your organization’s military recruiting competencies with Online Training

These self-paced modules help recruiters, hiring managers, talent acquisition personnel and many others within your organization enhance the effectiveness of their military hiring initiatives, awareness campaigns and overall recruiting/sourcing functions.

Earn a certificate upon completion

Your Green Zone Elite Training Certificate and Email Badge will reveal to colleagues the value you see inherent with hiring military veterans and transitioning servicemembers.

In partnership with a leading education provider, training includes interactive assessments, activities, and audio components to assist participants in understanding these primary areas and others:

  • Understand the military branches and veteran market
  • Understand how to identify the best veteran candidate for your organization
  • Identify and overcome challenges of recruiting veterans
  • Build rapport with veteran hires to maximize potential, and drive business forward


Options Price

Primary license

  • Program Length: self-paced, one-year license, can take just 4 hours to complete
  • Certificate of Completion and Email Signature Recognition Badge
  • Qualify for up to 4 SHRM Professional Development Credits

Add additional training licenses at preferred rates! Contact us for pricing.


Ready to Purchase?

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Connect with active duty military

In addition to our traditional venues, we host hiring events at military installations around the country, which provide excellent branding opportunities and direct access to veterans who are transitioning to the civilian workforce. At a base recruitment event, your company will interface with veterans who are predominately in the process of transitioning out of the military. Additionally, many candidates are open to relocation and have the means to move at no cost, which means savings for you.

We have shifted all remaining 2020 hiring events to a virtual setting.

Download our current Virtual Career Fair Schedule for more information.


Options Price

Exhibitor Package

  • Exhibitor booth with 6’ or 8’ table draped with linen and 2 chairs
  • Attendance for 2 representatives
  • Listing in exhibitor brochure distributed to all job seekers
  • Private exhibitor-only catered lunch for 2 representatives
  • Organization listed on event page on website
  • Event media outreach; 5 average media placements per event

Additional bundling options available to expand your reach to the 1,000,000+ highly qualified candidates in our database. Two-day consecutive base event pricing available on applicable events.


“The location on base was great for reaching active duty military. Very well organized and run!” - Joint Base Lewis-McChord attendee

“Being located directly on the military installation made all the difference. Fantastic event.” - Fort Bragg attendee

Find Qualified Veteran Job Seekers with Military Experience

When you post jobs on the largest board in the military-to-civilian recruitment niche, you’ll reach an audience of more than 1.2 million searchable military veterans and spouses. Our candidates offer valuable personal traits such as leadership, initiative, and self-discipline.

Purchasing options range from a single, 30-day job posting to an annual unlimited package, which includes automated processing, and allows you to post unlimited jobs for one year at no additional cost. Every posting can be edited as often as you like while the posting is live.

Our veteran candidates view thousands of jobs per day. Make sure yours are among them.


Options Price

1 Job Posting


2 Job Postings


3 Job Postings


5 Job Postings


10 Job Postings


20 Job Postings


50 Job Postings


Annual Unlimited

This option includes automated processing, and allows you to post unlimited jobs for one year. As jobs expire, or are filled, you can add new ones at no additional cost.


How accurately you define the job can make a big difference in the number and types of candidates who will apply for it. Make sure your title reflects the job description. If you’re looking to fill a spot in a certain location, include it to avoid confusion. Example: “Logistics Coordinator in Pittsburgh, PA.”

Provide a clear, concise description of job duties (bullet points work best). Distinguish between “must haves” and “would like to haves.”

Get Specific

  • Does your position require working outdoors in all kinds of weather? Let applicants know this.
  • Use one city/state or zip code for each job posting so candidates searching for jobs in a specific location will find you.
  • Include a salary range. You do not have to include a specific salary, but keep in mind that positions in the military are based on pay grades.
  • Make the most of keywords and tag relevant work categories to boost matches.
  • Include your organization’s name on the job posting. After all, would you consider hiring a candidate without a name?


Once your job is posted, make sure to read through the listing. Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? Ask yourself, “If I were a candidate, would I clearly understand the job requirements and next steps to apply?”

Tell Your Story

A job posting is a unique employee advertisement that provides an opportunity to sell candidates on why your position and company are awesome. Do you offer unique perks? Do you have a veterans’ group? Communicate why your organization is a great place to work!

We are fully optimized to connect with veterans searching for jobs on mobile devices. Your job postings will be seen by both registered veteran candidates and unregistered users since our job search does not require registration, meaning more job views for your opportunities.

There are several options for getting your jobs posted:

  • Manual Job Posting: This is the standard methodology for job posting credit options using our web user interface. Clicking on all relevant “categories” relating to the job posting will increase candidate views and applications.
  • Standard XML API: Implement programming to post jobs via our API.
  • Custom XML Feed: Choose this option if you need us to support an XML format other than our standard format. You provide web endpoint and we crawl nightly, or you can push to us via FTP.
  • Custom Web Scrape: We can program a custom web scrape, in most cases, if XML is not an option.

You can track job posting and database activity daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Our setup allows us to provide reports to you, or you may pull them directly.

Studies have shown that the origination point for more than 70% of job seekers begins with a Google search. Our site map is compatible with both Google and Bing, and we’ve implemented Google’s Cloud Jobs API. The result? All the jobs on our site follow Google’s API data structure and are listed in Google’s index. By being an early adopter of the Google Jobs API, RecruitMilitary has seen an increase in organic military job seeker registration.

Added Aggregation + Added Exposure = Added Value

RecruitMilitary also utilizes enhancements to extend your reach to the veteran community across multiple veteran platforms, which means that our clients don’t have to concern themselves with candidate aggregation. We’ve researched and tested who the best partners are, and that’s included in your product purchase.

Once you’ve posted a job, how do you know if anyone will see it? When you post jobs with RecruitMilitary, you’ll get more bang for your buck, and greater exposure to the veteran community. We distribute our manually posted jobs on Jobs2Careers and Startwire. Other job posting sites charge separately for this additional exposure, but this benefit is free with RecruitMilitary. These jobs include “military veteran” language in the job title to target veterans searching these sites.

RecruitMilitary can also collect and report OFCCP data related to your job postings. Your account can be enabled with OFCCP data collection, and an OFCCP Applicants report can be generated by RecruitMilitary upon request. The reports we generate include all relevant OFFCCP compliance and job posting data in the event of an audit:

  • Link to vacancy announcement/posting
  • Date posted
  • Date expired
  • Log of all user actions, views/opened/applied/clicks

Gain access to a range of bundled services specially designed and priced to meet the needs of small business owners

Becoming a member of the small business veteran hiring community has its privileges.


Options Price

One Star Package

  • 1 Exhibitor Booth at event
  • 12 months unlimited job postings
  • Receive a small business veteran hiring leader logo to put on your website


Two Star Package

  • 1 Exhibitor Booth Event #1
  • 1 Exhibitor Booth Event #2
  • 12 months unlimited job postings
  • Receive a small business veteran hiring leader logo to put on your website


Three Star Package

  • 1 Exhibitor Booth Event #1
  • 1 Exhibitor Booth Event #2
  • 1 Exhibitor Booth Event #3
  • 12 months unlimited job postings
  • Receive a small business veteran hiring leader logo to put on your website


Ready to Purchase?

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Make a big impression

Search & Employ® is a bimonthly print and digital magazine packed with articles that help transitioning and veteran military and their spouses find jobs. It focuses on specific industries and contains articles that help candidates improve their job-hunting skills.

50,000+ copies of each issue are distributed to:

  • Active-duty military installations worldwide
  • Hundreds of National Guard and Reserve units
  • Veteran job-seekers attending RecruitMilitary career fairs nationwide
  • Military-to-civilian recruiters nationwide

Download Best Practices for Advertising with Military Imagery

Ad pricing listed below. Ask for discounts on multiple ad purchases!


Options Price

1/4 Page Vertical Ad

3.4375" x 4.583"


1/2 Page Horizontal Ad

7" x 4.583"


Full Page Ad

7" x 9.5"


Inside Front Cover

7" x 9.5"


Inside Back Cover

7" x 9.5"


Outside Back Cover

7" x 9.5"


2 Page Spread

15.375" x 9.5"


Social Media Enabled Advertorial

  • Full-page article
  • Social media posts with logo, photo and reporting (3 posts x 3 social media channels)
  • Social media content written by experts
  • RecruitMilitary social media activities reach hundreds of thousands of users each week across three separate platforms


  • January | February 2021 ad deadline: November 23, 2020
  • March | April 2021 ad deadline: January 25, 2021
  • May | June 2021 ad deadline: March 25, 2021
  • July | August 2021 ad deadline: May 25, 2021
  • September | October 2021 ad deadline: July 26, 2021
  • November | December 2021 ad deadline: September 24, 2021


We offer five levels of membership to give you a competitive edge in today’s candidate market. Your organization will optimize their veteran hiring process at exclusive pricing for an entire year! This comprehensive approach includes a targeted and branding method to your recruiting.

Watch this video for more information on becoming a Pick Member.


Options Price

Pick 4 Membership

  • 4 x Exhibitor Package Events (includes 4 representatives per event)
  • Featured Exhibitor Status
  • 6 x Half-Page Ads in Search & Employ®
  • Unlimited Candidate Search / Single User
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Military Recruitment Training / Single License
  • Recruiting Services Rate Lock for 1 Year
  • 15% off any MBA Vets Product

As low as $4,248 per quarter!

Pick 8 Membership

  • 8 x Exhibitor Package Events (includes 4 representatives per event)
  • Featured Exhibitor Status
  • 6 x Half-Page Ads in Search & Employ®
  • Unlimited Candidate Search via XML/Scrape / up to 2 users
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Military Recruitment Training / up to 2 licenses
  • Recruiting Services Rate Lock for 1 Year
  • 15% off any MBA Vets Product

As low as $5,498 per quarter!

Pick 16 Membership - Preferred Package

  • 16 x Exhibitor Package Events (includes 4 representatives per event)
  • Featured Exhibitor Status
  • 6 x Half-Page Ads in Search & Employ®
  • Unlimited Candidate Search via XML/Scrape / up to 4 Users
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Military Recruitment Training / up to 4 licenses
  • Logo on RM VIP Partners page
  • Recruiting Services Rate Lock for 1 Year
  • 15% off any MBA Vets Product

As low as $8,248 per quarter!

Pick 32 Membership

  • 32 x Exhibitor Package Events (includes 4 representatives per event)
  • Featured Exhibitor Status
  • 6 x Full-Page Ads in Search & Employ®
  • Unlimited Candidate Search via XML/Scrape / up to 10 users
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Military Recruitment Training / up to 8 licenses
  • Logo on RM VIP Partners page
  • Recruiting Services Rate Lock for 1 Year
  • 15% off any MBA Vets Product

As low as $14,498 per quarter!

Season Pass Membership

  • Attend any and all events during 12-month membership (includes 4 representatives per event)
  • Featured Exhibitor Status
  • 6 x Full-Page Ads in Search & Employ®
  • Unlimited Candidate Search via XML/Scrape / Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Military Recruitment Training / up to 10 licenses
  • Logo on RM VIP Partners page
  • Event Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Recruiting Services Rate Lock for 1 Year
  • 15% off any MBA Vets Product

As low as $24,998 per quarter!

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Sourcing Qualified Talent Just Got Easier

Our expert Veteran Hiring Advisors do the work to help you find the candidates you need.

RecruitMilitary's VetExpress Automated Talent Delivery System makes it easy to source qualified veteran talent for your organization, with no need to login to a Job Board to search for candidates -- and no need to understand military skillsets and how they relate to the job you're trying to fill.

Download PDF Product Overview


Options Price


Package of 1-5 searches


Additional Searches

Price per each additional search after first 5 searches


Enterprise License

Unlimited searches

Contact Us for Pricing

Ready to Purchase?

Contact Us Call Us: 513.924.4320

Our Events Deliver

With more than 120 hiring events in 60+ locations nationwide each year, including military bases and virtual hiring events, we place employers and veteran job seekers in engaging settings that promote networking, conversations, and on-site interviews.

Many organizations go directly from meeting candidates to conducting on-site interviews, frequently making job offers on the spot. Multiple hires at a single event occur frequently, reducing a company’s overall cost-per-hire.

In serving their country, veterans have trained to become your organization’s greatest assets, bringing maturity, leadership, teamwork and technical training.

Partner with the nation’s leading military-to-civilian hiring firm to help you connect with this skilled talent pool.

We have shifted all remaining 2020 hiring events to a virtual setting.

Download our current Virtual Career Fair Schedule for more information.

Download our 2021 Career Fair Schedule for information on future in-person events.


Options Price

Exhibitor Package

  • Exhibition booth
  • 2 Representatives
  • Listing in exhibitors list


Targeted Package

  • Exhibition booth ($1,295 value)
  • 2 Representatives
  • Pre-event Targeted Email ($995 value)
  • Listing in exhibitors list


Branding Package

  • Exhibition booth ($1,295 value)
  • 4 Representatives
  • ½-page ad in bimonthly Search & Employ® print and digital magazine – print copies for transitioning personnel at military installations worldwide, National Guard and reserve units, candidates at RecruitMilitary All Veteran Job Fairs, and veteran hiring leaders ($1,995 value)
  • Text ad in The VetTen newsletter emailed monthly to candidates ($1,595 value)
  • Featured as a veteran-friendly organization in pre-event candidate marketing ($500 value)
  • Listing in exhibitors list


Since 2006, RecruitMilitary has held 1,379 recruitment events in 100+ cities for 57,966 exhibitors in 1,500+ industries for 771,721 veterans from all service branches.

Key exhibitor metrics and data:

  • Quality of Candidates - 90.4% favorable
  • Return on Investment - 91.7% favorable
  • Overall Experience – 92.8% favorable
  • 4.4:1 candidate-to-exhibitor ratio
  • 59.2% expect to extend 2 or more job offers
  • 19.3% expect to extend 5 or more job offers

Our Net Promoter Score (the index measuring the willingness of customers to recommend a company) is more than 42.4% higher than the staffing industry benchmark.

Media Promotion: Veterans in every city know we’re coming to town. On average, nine (9) media outlets (tv, radio, print) promote each hiring event, which we rigorously promote on social media channels as well.

Why just show up when you can OWN the hiring event? As a career fair sponsor, your company’s name and brand will become the main attraction and synonymous with veteran hiring in the local community.

Sponsorship packages at our career fairs include Event, Seminar, Beverage, Tote or a combination of two or more.

Is there a formula for success at RecruitMilitary veteran career fairs? Yes! Preparation beforehand and solid strategies at the event will lead to interested veteran candidates and career fair success.

Send the Right Representatives

As the face of your organization, your reps should be personable, outgoing, knowledgeable, and passionate about your company and its opportunities. They should actively work your table and engage job seekers as well as other exhibitors, rather than waiting to be approached. Be prepared to interview candidates on-the-spot.

This is also the perfect environment for a representative from a military background. If you don’t have one, at least send someone who is curious about the military experience and can ask questions that draw candidates out and compel them to tell their stories.

Maximize Your Brand

Tell the veteran community who you are by wearing company gear and displaying banners, backdrops, and panels. Identify veteran representatives with name tags or table signs.

Identify Your Opportunities

Having a list of open positions for which you are recruiting is ideal. Be ready to talk about general roles for which you typically hire. Handouts of open jobs are great takeaways and should include reference numbers in your ATS.

Announce Your Presence

Draw more job seekers to your booth by getting the word out that you want to hire veterans and will be at a RecruitMilitary Veteran Career Fair. Tap into your company’s marketing resources and leverage its social networking tools to announce your participation in the event. Spotlight hot jobs in your company on social media during the week of the event and let candidates know you’ll be looking to hire veterans for these roles.

Get Social

One of the best ways to make your presence known as a RecruitMilitary hiring event exhibitor is to help set the stage on social media. Post event information on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook with links to specific job openings. Share RecruitMilitary social media postings about the upcoming event.

Live Tweets: We tweet photos and updates of veterans and organizations making connections in real time during our job fairs (@RecruitMilitary). We love adding tweets from our exhibitors to bring additional exposure their way, such as: Very busy booth today – meeting great veteran talent in Cincinnati #RMHire.


Don’t leave the career fair early! We discourage our veterans from leaving an event early, often leading them to take another lap around the venue. We’ve had clients make hires at the very end of the day. You may miss your ideal candidate!

Advance preparation and audience engagement can reap big dividends at a RecruitMilitary hiring event. Going into the event with a solid game plan will help you have a satisfying career fair experience that leads to hiring veterans.

Many of the companies who hire veterans at our job fairs come back for more, bringing those hires along to recruit others. Social media grabbed the attention of one Navy veteran and prompted him to attend a RecruitMilitary Veteran Career Fair.

“I saw a RecruitMilitary Career Fair coming to Tulsa on my Facebook feed. I signed up, sent my suit to the cleaners, tailored my resume and looked up who would be there,” he said. “I talked to everyone at the event, came away with two interviews and two offers, and I took one of them.”

Now he works as a maintenance supervisor/facilities maintenance manager for a large equipment company. One year later, he returned to the same RecruitMilitary hiring event to assist the recruiting team in hiring more veterans.

Let Veterans Know You're Hiring

Distributed monthly to over 300,000 opted-in veterans, our VetTen digital newsletter can be used to brand your organization as veteran-friendly and link to open positions on your website.


Options Price

VetTen General Ad

  • Your general ad will appear in our monthly newsletter that highlights select opportunities for veterans
  • It is distributed to all verified and opt-in job candidates in the RecruitMilitary database — more than 300,000 men and women

$1,595 per month

VetTen Featured Ad

This includes a single general ad with guaranteed placement in a #2-10 position.

$1,995 per month

VetTen Issue Sponsorship

This includes a general and display ad in our monthly newsletter that highlights select opportunities for veterans.

  • One display ad
  • One general ad placed in the number one position
  • Highlighted in the newsletter introduction
  • Mentioned in the email subject line

$3,995 per month

Connecting Law Enforcement Agencies with High-Quality Veterans

Over the years, RecruitMilitary has helped organizations across the country to connect with high-quality veteran candidates via our well-attended and highly regarded veteran job fairs.

In recognition of the work you do every day to “protect and serve” our communities, RecruitMilitary is pleased to offer discounted pricing to local public safety agencies looking to hire veterans.

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Options Price

Exhibitor Package

  • Exhibition booth with skirted table
  • Attendance for 2 representatives with catered lunch
  • Listing in Exhibitors list
  • Listing on Event page of the RecruitMilitary website


Purchase 2 or More Events and Save


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With over 100 job fairs in 60+ markets every year, RecruitMilitary understands how to host a premium event

Our veteran career fairs are hosted at unique, attractive venues: stadiums, museums, racetracks, entertainment complexes, and more. They attract high-quality companies looking for veteran talent, and are consistently well attended by an average of over 330 veteran career-seekers and veteran spouses per event.

Additionally, our events are advertised in Search & Employ® magazine, as well as through various social media channels. And we are typically covered by 4-6 media outlets per event — radio, TV and newspaper.

We offer a range of packages including: Event, Seminar, Beverage and Tote sponsorships.

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Virtual Career Fair Sponsorships are also available.


Options Price

Beverage Sponsor

  • Two water stations placed strategically at the event
  • Beverage Sponsor signage at each station
  • Brand exposure to event attendees

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Event Sponsor

  • 2 Tables with premium placement
  • 4 representatives
  • Event Sponsor signage
  • Company greeter at check-in desk
  • Full-color event exhibitor list
  • Flyers distributed to event attendees (flyers must be printed by the sponsor)
  • Other promotional handouts designated and provided by sponsor
  • Client logo appears on event registration page
  • Press Outreach – local news outlets
  • Veteran Outreach – RecruitMilitary database candidates, military installations, National Guard & Reserves, veteran service orgs, state & local vet reps

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Tote Sponsor

  • Designated display station near registration table
  • Sponsor signage at display station
  • Client's branded totes distributed to all veteran event attendees (totes must be provided by the sponsor)
  • Brand exposure to all veteran event attendees

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Pre-Event Seminar Sponsor

  • Premium event placement including one (1) booth
  • Seminar sponsor signage
  • A designated space to hold a one hour seminar from 10am-11am for up to 50 candidates before the event
  • Opportunity to exclusively engage with seminar attendees
  • Veteran Outreach to RecruitMilitary Database Candidates, Military Installations, National Guard & Reserves, Veteran Service Orgs, State & Local Vet Reps

*Any AV needs or other requirements will be provided at an additional charge.

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Veteran Sponsorship Package

Members receive one each from three options and can pick which events they wish to apply them

  • Kickoff - speaking opportunity
  • Beverage station for candidates
  • Tote bag distribution

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RecruitMilitary Regional-Based Solutions

Combine participation in RecruitMilitary’s well-attended and highly regarded career fairs with the nation’s largest database of veteran job seekers, and you have the ingredients for a great return on investment.

Our Regional-Based Solutions allow you to sign up for multiple events in the same region, a virtual career fair, and access a local database with unlimited job postings.

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Options Price

Regional-Based Solution: 2 Events

  • 2 x Events (same region)
  • 1 x Virtual Career Fair
  • 12-month local database access (150 mile radius)
  • 12-month unlimited manual job postings


Regional-Based Solution: 3 Events

  • 3 x Events (same region)
  • 1 x Virtual Career Fair
  • 12-month local database access (150 mile radius)
  • 12-month unlimited manual job postings


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