Secure Your Company by Hiring a Military-Experienced IT or Cyber Professional

Secure Your Company by Hiring a Military-Experienced IT or Cyber ProfessionalIn honor of Cyber Security Awareness month, I want to address a common question I hear from employers: “I work for an organization that has nothing to do with IT or software, so how can I justify investing in Cyber Security talent when it doesn’t contribute to the bottom line?”

Almost every company is involved in collecting, sorting, storing or responding to sensitive data, even if indirectly. Failure to protect your customers’ and/or employees’ information can lead to massive consequences that result in costly damage control. Developing a security plan ahead of time is more cost effective and ensures that your brand can uphold its trustworthy reputation. Companies are investing countless dollars upgrading and investing in IT assets; it’s equally important to invest in the talent needed to keep those assets safe and in working order.

Since the beginning of BMI we’ve been known for placing candidates in Engineering, Leadership, Technical and Sales jobs. Many employers don’t know that we expanded our capabilities in helping employers find and hire Information Technology (IT) and Cyber Security candidates. 

Many transitioning military candidates have not one, but several industry certifications by the time they separate from the military. Corporate America has a growing need for IT and Cyber Security and the military is training and preparing candidates with this knowledge and skillset.

The background and experience of the Bradley-Morris IT or Cyber Security candidate can vary, but the end product is someone that companies can’t operate properly without. Officer candidates have led numerous technical projects, managed multiple networks or facilitated operations on an enterprise level. Enlisted candidates have hands-on experience and have received advanced training in their fields. Some of the candidates we work with are in the process of separating from the service and others already have industry experience.  We work with IT leaders, Penetration Testers, Network and Security Architects, Network and PC Forensic Technicians, Threat Analysts, and the list goes on and on.

If your company needs someone to make an immediate impact on your IT or Cyber operations, BMI candidates can get the job done. The majority of this demographic understands information protection on an enterprise and global scale and can offer strategic real-world experience. If you’re serious about improving your IT or Cyber operations, invest in this area and get involved with our TargetHire® process to find military-experienced talent.


Jake Hutchings