Junior Military Officers Deliver Agile Leadership

We’ve turned the corner on “business as usual” in most industries. Early adopters of disruption and technology have gained an edge over some tried-and-true companies late to adopt a technology strategy.

Some examples: Amazon’s disruption of retail sent Wal-Mart and Target rushing into online business and forcing innovation. Thanks to Uber and Lyft, calling a taxi has become an archaic concept. Even the space race has NASA yielding to Space X and Virgin Galactic.

Agile companies need leaders who can see the big picture, break it down into manageable projects, and execute. And while the smaller projects are implemented, agile leaders can see where adjustments need to be made and processes improved.

  • Organizational agility is the capability of a company to rapidly change or adapt in response to changes in the market. A high degree of organizational agility can help a company to react successfully to the emergence of new competitors, the development of new industry-changing technologies, or sudden shifts in overall market conditions.
  • Leadership agility is the ability to take effective action in complex, rapidly changing conditions. It’s a vital skill for sustained success in today’s fast-paced and sometimes volatile business environment.

If you’re looking for personnel who can respond and adapt quickly in today’s disruptive business climate, military veterans are ideal performers. In fact, Junior Military Officer Leadership Development Programs (JMO LDP) are on the rise in everything from Fortune 100 companies to mid-level companies.



A JMO’s training incorporates successful agility practices in many ways. They’ve been immersed in an environment of clearly defined objectives, standards, and criteria for success. They can think on their feet and inspire organizational transformation by modeling servant leadership. They value team bonding, recognize the importance of an efficient crew, and implement policies to empower their employees, teammates, and colleagues.

Finding these kinds of leaders, however, can be a challenge.

The military’s junior officer ranks are a vast landscape of varied operations. Navigating and mining them to unearth the right candidate can be time-consuming and expensive.

Partnering with an established contingency firm that specializes in JMO placement delivers the right candidates at the right price by leveraging established candidate pipelines, best practices and decades of experience. These experts know which community best fits an employer’s specific area of focus and serve as a significant performance multiplier. Contingency firms also offer speed of execution, which means that you could be training new JMO hires in the time that your competitors are still trying to find them.

Investing in a contingency JMO placement through the industry leader, Bradley-Morris, Inc., reaps dividends year over year in business performance as well as increased referral network from military communities.



by: Katie Becker