How to leverage a military hiring expert

One of my main hobbies is being out on a boat. As an avid sailor / racer, I am constantly working to increase my knowledge of the sport and the performance of my boat, sails and associated equipment.

However, as anyone who has been involved in any type of in-depth endeavor knows, it is impossible to have all of the answers yourself. You need a network of people to help make you successful.

One of the people I rely on is an expert sail maker. I do this for two reasons:

  1. I want to learn his success shortcuts and best practices.
  2. I want to avoid the pitfalls that are going to cost time and money.

My sail maker has invested the 10,000 hours it requires to be an expert in his craft  (Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000-Hour Rule”). As his client, I get to share in his expertise, get insight I would never have time to on my own and ultimately, expand my chances of success as a racer.

In my professional life, I get to be the “sail maker” when it comes to military hiring programs. I’ve invested the 10,000 hours required to be a military hiring expert and I really enjoy helping companies learn the ins and outs of my craft.

Half of my clients come to me to learn military hiring “success shortcuts and best practices”. The other half want to avoid the military hiring “pitfalls that are going to cost time and money”.

Either way, I still get a chance expand the sphere of knowledge regarding military hiring, and, if you will excuse the final boating reference, help my clients sail into calm seas.

Bobby Whitehouse