5 Points for Picking a Military Focused Firm

Partnering with a military focused recruitment firm is a significant business decision and one that should not be taken lightly. With an economic boost causing the U.S. to place a greater focus on hiring, (specifically hiring military), the landscape has become more complicated (competitive). This is a good thing for military talent but makes it harder for hiring or human resource professionals.

This is why choosing a reliable recruiting partner is so important. We recommend you assess the following criteria before selecting a recruiting firm:

1) Experience. There are pitfalls in this industry that a new firm will learn at your expense. They will not have the trusted advisers who are sharing best practices and tribal knowledge gained over years of placing military-experienced candidates. Look to their Case Studies for examples of successful programs across business lines. Ask about the efficiency of their processes. Do they know their metrics? How effective are they at getting “boots on the ground”? Do they have testimonials from your industry?

2) Business Versatility. How many resources does a recruiting firm have to leverage? Their candidate footprint should establish multidimensional pipelines, as well as tiered access for clients, to provide a well-rounded candidate pool. Ultimately, the more versatile a recruiting firm is, the more like they will be to meet your hiring needs.

3) Market Awareness. When selecting a firm, be sure they have the most recent information on candidates and the military. The hiring and military landscapes are ever-changing. Select a partner that is in-the-know and can explain how they keep current on employment and military trends.

4) Integrity. Some firms will waste your time on roles they have no intention of filling because it is beyond their competency. If any combination of the needed location, pay or skill-set is off-balance with the current candidate market, they should let you know immediately. It is key to have a direct contact for candid discussions at all times.

5) Strong Industry Reputation. Great candidates refer other great candidates. Firms should be able to provide recent testimonials as additional proof of ongoing relationships with successfully placed job seekers.

These five points should help you with your partnering decision. Keep in mind that hiring is about performance and partnering is about “win-win”. Recruiting A-Players is difficult but noble work and ensuring the business case for hiring military is the key to continued focus and growth.

Bobby Whitehouse


Image courtesy of Pexels