Addressing a Challenging Recruiting Environment with Military Talent

If you are anything like me, your new year has already kicked off at a fast pace with the recruiting train steaming down the tracks. And with unemployment rates continuing to decline through the start of the new year, it will continue to become more challenging to find exceptionally qualified candidates for new and open career opportunities.

The good news is that the veteran population is a continually refreshing, diverse pool of well-trained and experienced men and women. The discipline and leadership that are inherent to military service, combined with a near unmatched mix of technical education and professional development, creates a unique foundation that sets veterans apart from an otherwise equal civilian counterpart. Additionally, with the continued “right-sizing” of the military branches, there are an increasing number of veterans coming to the civilian workforce in search of new opportunities.

As 2016 gets rolling, is your organization facing any one of these situations?

  • Looking for a plan to include military talent in your hiring strategies
  • Needing to teach the enterprise about the value of military and veterans as it relates to solving talent shortages
  • Seeking specific resources to help meet existing veteran hiring goals
  • Experiencing pressure to fill current openings necessitating connection with a broader talent pool typically not accessible through standard recruiting methodologies

Let me know what challenges your company is facing this year!

Rob Hawley