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An image of Raymond

The military training and experience I gained leading, influencing, motivating, recognizing and promoting people aligns perfectly with Nestlé USA, which places a high value on its people. The core values of Nestlé USA are much the same as our service branches. Nestlé USA holds itself to the highest standards for quality, service, safety and performance. Our employees are among the very best!

US Airforce
Nestlé USA
Manager of Engineering

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The US Army taught me how to value and develop teams, lead through ambiguous situations and inspire through walking the talk. The structure provided by the military for learning and training, as well as the intricacies of the chain of command translate well to leading and building teams at NWNA, especially as we continue our journey of Continuous Improvement with NCE (Nestlé Continuous Excellence).

US Army & National Guard
Nestlé Waters
Operations Manager

Nestlé Nutrition is a great fit for veterans for a variety of reasons. Our company is very goal oriented, and the discipline and dedication that served veterans so well in the military will allow them to thrive at Nestlé Nutrition. We work extensively in tight knit teams to achieve our objectives, and the experience that veterans bring with them is greatly appreciated & helpful.

Nestlé Nutrition is a company that respects all of its workers and has made a special effort to honor veterans and also to recognize their unique skill sets and talents and bring them into our organization.

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US Army & National Guard
Nestlé Nutrition
PowerBar Regional Business Manager

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Nestlé Purina reflects similar values I came to appreciate during my service—the values we know at Purina as our Five Talls, a passion for the work we do, and an appreciation for success based on collaboration.

US Army
Nestlé Purina
Recruiting Manager

Nestlé Health Science embraces veterans because of the leadership and technical skills acquired while serving in the military, which provides a solid workplace for veterans and their families seeking an environment that promotes growth and opportunity.

Having previously worked in medical settings while in the military, the transition to being a Nestlé Health Science representative was seamless; in addition, the leadership skills and work experience learned in the military have served as an asset when taking on various roles and responsibilities within the organization.

An image of Troy

US Navy
Nestlé Health Science
Business Account Manager