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**MILESTONE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE** []( Milestone Technical Institute (MTI) is a licensed career school and computer training provider in Houston. MTI offers a wide range of in-class and online IT training courses, from Microsoft certification training, Cisco, CompTIA, and SAP, to programming and mobile app/web design options. Most courses – A+, Network+, MCSE, MCSA, MCSD, SAP, Primavera, etc. – can be completed in one to six months; and MTI provides day, evening, and weekend classes. In addition, the courses can be studied online from any location worldwide. MTI is fully dedicated to helping veterans achieve their educational and career goals. *********************************************************************** ###A VETERAN SUCCESS | SAMSON LAWSON Samson Lawson served in the United States Army for six years before separating as a specialist 68W (68 Whiskey) combat medic. His main responsibility was to treat wounded soldiers. Whiskeys are staples in the Army; every squad is required to have a Whiskey in attendance when going on any hazardous mission. Whiskeys work alongside Army physician assistants (PA’s) or doctors. Their work can range from the administration of immunizations and collection of fluid samples to surgical assistance and suturing. Lawson joined Milestone in 2007, and is now an operations director there. He recognizes that his military experience is paying off all the time. “The skills I learned in the military help me in my career,” he said. “The military forces one to learn real fast being in an environment where you must think on your feet. The military helped me form the right attitude and personal character and discipline. It also helps me to be versatile and easily adaptive to many different situations.”