Applying Fishelosophy

**TEAM FISHEL** [] ( Team Fishel specializes in utility construction and network installation services for gas, electric, telecom, broadband cable TV, municipality, and commercial end users. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the company has 1,800 teammates working out of 32 offices in 13 states from Virginia to California. The company is family-owned, and has been in business for 79 years. The company is always looking for qualified teammates. Previous utility-construction experience is a plus, and Team Fishel looks for candidates that demonstrate the company’s principles, known internally as “Fishelosophy”: trust, integrity, respect, honor, commitment, fire in the belly, and hustle. Team Fishel has found that men and women who join the company after military service demonstrate Fishelosophy every day. They are accustomed to working in difficult environments where safety and teamwork are critical, and they understand that work should be done right the first time. ###A VETERAN SUCCESS | SAL PADULA Sal Padula served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, leaving active duty as a corporal. His primary duty was as a squad leader in motor transport. Padula joined Team Fishel in 1995 as a laborer, and he advanced rapidly. He was promoted to crew leader in 1997, foreman in 1998, supervisor in 2000, and division manager in 2003. In 2008, he advanced to his current role as area manager of the San Diego office. He manages his own profit center, develops customer relationships, coaches teammates, and promotes Team Fishel in the local market. The Marine veteran said that a lot he learned in the military helped him land a civilian career, but his education went well beyond technical skill. “Many of the skills I learned in the military helped me find my first civilian opportunity,” he said, “but what were most important in keeping it were the characteristics instilled in me during my time in the military. The traits, attitudes, and characteristics that companies are seeking in new employees are sometimes hard for them to find.” Padula said that servicemembers should plan for their post-military careers well before they plan to leave active service. “Don’t wait until the last minute to start thinking about and planning for civilian life,” he said. The company’s core values are one reason Padula believes veterans will like what they find at Team Fishel. “We hold our core values near and dear, and offer many opportunities for advancement to those who excel, work hard at what they do, and display the desire to go further,” he said. Padula also believes that veterans should not just look for jobs that fit the technical skills they learned in the military. “The advice I would give is to not fixate only on what you were trained to do in the military,” he said. “If you can and want to apply those skills in the civilian job market, great. But if not, there are countless companies that are looking for employees with the traits, characteristics, and work ethic of our military men and women – and would be more than happy to teach them the skills needed to perform their job.” As for working at Team Fishel, Padula said veterans need to be on their game. “Apply, be persistent, follow up, and be prepared when called for an interview,” he said.