Live Webinars: Resume Essentials

RecruitMilitary delivers a holistic approach to the job search and equips military job seekers with the tools necessary to be successful. Our resume webinars provide professional guidance through actionable tips and feedback. We connect you with a subject matter expert who will answer your questions live to help enhance your resume!

Advanced & Federal Resume Webinars

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These sessions run 12-1pm EST and 7-8pm EST.


- Advanced | June 5

- Advanced | June 5 (PM session)

- Federal | June 26


- Advanced | July 10

- Advanced | July 10 (PM session)

- Federal | July 17

- Advanced | July 24

- Advanced | July 31 (PM session)


- Advanced | August 7

- Advanced | August 7 (PM session)

- Advanced | August 14

- Advanced | August 21

- Federal | August 28


- Advanced | September 11

- Advanced | September 18

- Advanced | September 18 (PM session)

- Federal | September 25


- Advanced | October 2

- Advanced | October 16

- Federal | October 23

- Advance | October 30


- Advanced | November 6

- Advanced | November 13

- Federal | November 27

- Advance | October 30


- Advanced | December 4

- Advanced | December 11

- Federal | December 18

“I just want to say thank you. I’ve received more from this one-hour webinar than I’ve received in years of classes like this!”

- Latricia, Resume Webinar Attendee

"Great info provided and it definitely helped point me in the right direction on a number of things."

- Dustin, Resume Webinar Attendee

Resume FAQs

Q: Where can I find additional resume resources?

A: Visit our Resource Center or Military Spouse Resource Center.

Q: Where can I create a resume if I do not have one yet?

A: Your resume can be created via your RecruitMilitary professional profile with our resume generation tool.

Q: Which format is best? Chronological, Functional, Combined or CV?

A: A chronological resume is a common format most employers anticipate seeing. A functional resume is a viable option for those who have had career pivots, people who have little work experience and are just getting started in their career (ex. graduates), or those who’ve been out of the workforce for an extended period. A combined resume uses a blend of chronological and functional formats. A CV format is mainly utilized by professionals such as professors, teachers, lawyers, scientists, etc. There isn’t a "best" format but rather a format that can be used based on your circumstance.

Q: Why should I target or “keyword” my resume?

A: Employers are utilizing resume scanners and applicant tracking systems through the volume of applicants. Adapt your resume by adding the words or phrasing that align with the jobs you’re applying for. Review the job description and maximize your resume’s keyword density to achieve success.

Q: Once I’ve uploaded my resume to my profile, how do I apply for jobs on the RecruitMilitary job board?

A: Simply select the job you wish to apply for, review, and click "Apply Now".

Industry-Specific Resume Templates