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There are tricks and best practices to use in any career search. These articles can provide a foundation of preparation, and after great preparation, execution that leads to your next career.

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Lies They Tell Transitioning Veterans, Part 10: Senior Officer Transitions Are Easier

As we have explored previously, veterans are similar to all groups of job seekers in that they often think they have it harder than everyone else. But even among veterans themselves, some assume that certain subcategories of veterans have it easier (or harder).

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Preparing for a Career in Counseling

The employment of mental health counselors, who aid clients in managing and overcoming psychological and emotional disorders, is projected to increase 20 percent by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Lies They Tell Transitioning Veterans, Part 9: Civilian Hiring Managers Appreciate What You Did in The Service

With some obvious exceptions, most civilian hiring managers do not truly understand what you did in the military and how it relates to their company’s needs. While this presents a challenge and frustrates most veteran job seekers, this gap in understanding can be a fortuitous circumstance if you...

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Lies They Tell Transitioning Veterans, Part 8: You Definitely Need More Schooling to Advance Your Career

In America, we believe that education is the key to getting ahead. Everyone is encouraged to finish high school and many are urged to complete a college degree or technical certification. On the whole, it is true that education is a good and worthy goal. But all degrees and certifications are not...

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