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There are tricks and best practices to use in any career search. These articles can provide a foundation of preparation, and after great preparation, execution that leads to your next career.

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Veteran Career Advice from a Recruiter Who Has Been There

Veterans, it's okay to toot your own horn in your search for a civilian career.

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Be a Business Athlete - Get Into Sales

My sales career has spanned over two decades, starting in the streets of Chicago, where I sold $50 cable-TV subscriptions, to a thriving business where I sold big-ticket capital equipment to Fortune 500 companies. As such, I have gained experience and insight into the sales arena which I believe...

Career Advice, January-February 2017, Search & Employ®

Ten Steps to a Smooth Transition

Leaving the military may be one of the most difficult tasks you ever undertake, whether you have served for one year or thirty. I served for seven years, and I have been back in the civilian world for seven years. I've since worked as a career counselor for veterans and other military personnel,...

Career Advice, January-February 2017, Search & Employ®


With the United States presidential campaign now in the rearview mirror, we are about to get some strong indications of what a Trump presidency will actually mean for the economy of the country – and the world. The current level of economic uncertainty has some economists worried. The changing of...

January-February 2017, Search & Employ®, Financial Services