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There are tricks and best practices to use in any career search. These articles can provide a foundation of preparation, and after great preparation, execution that leads to your next career.

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Placement Services Candidate Modules & Resources

Placement Services Candidates: Use these modules to prepare for your job search, describe your military experience in a resume, and excel in the interview process.

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Changing How You Job Search with ChatGPT

With the help of AI-powered language models like ChatGPT, job seekers can get guidance and advice on how to find and apply for job opportunities.

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The Job Fair was Critical for my Career Shift

U.S. Army veteran Jason Sapp worked in new home construction after his military service, but he just didn’t feel like he was in the right career. When a DAV|RecruitMilitary job fair was held in his city, he signed up to attend. Thanks to that event, Sapp found a job he loves with Quality...

Testimonials from the Military Community, Job Seeker Blog

“Match-Making” Veterans and Employers: A RecruitMilitary Success Story

While Crownhart may not have found his job at the job fair, he took a big step in finding his new career that day.

Testimonials from the Military Community, Job Seeker Blog