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Avoiding the Shortchange Effect in 2017

For many business owners, things like sleep, nutrition, and exercise tend to lose priority in the effort to squeeze more time out of each day. But what these busy entrepreneurs probably might not realize is that skimping on one's well-being can not only have a negative impact on their health, it...

May-June 2017, Franchising

Opportunities in Energy: Putting Renewable Energy into Perspective

With new ways to find and create energy, and there are exciting innovative ideas all the time. Energy use rises each year, even with efforts at conservation. The constant and growing need makes energy a career field with a lot of juice – and a lot of job security.

May-June 2017, Energy & Utilities

Franchising: Moving Forward in 2017

There are plenty of advantages to be being a franchisee. Perhaps the most important is learning how to start a business from the ground up. Other rewards include the use of established, recognized brands; training; ongoing support; and assistance with business systems.

May-June 2017, Franchising

To Serve Again: Opportunities in the Federal Government

Government agencies are working hard to bring veterans on board. They offer various reasons you might expect – you are familiar with national service, etc. But they also understand what Corporate America has long known: veterans are extremely valuable employees.

March-April 2017, Search & Employ®, Government