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Opportunities In Transportation And Logistics: Steer Your Career In The Right Direction

There is a truckload – or a boatload – or a carload – or a cargo – of opportunity for veterans in the transportation and logistics industries. With the United States economy picking up speed, there are more trucks on the highways, more trains on the track, more ships and boats on the waterways,...

Search & Employ®, Transportation/Logistics

Grow As You Advance At HCA


Many veterans may not consider careers in healthcare, especially those veterans who do not have clinical backgrounds. But HCA has plenty of opportunities for veterans – and not all of them are clinical.

HCA is a healthcare provider that owns and operates...

Search & Employ®, Healthcare, September-October 2015

Energy Jobs Outlook

Associations of energy companies are great sources of information about the energy industry and the job opportunities available in that industry. As the following briefings indicate, the jobs outlook in energy is good, and is likely to remain so.

Search & Employ®, Energy & Utilities, September-October 2015

Study For Certification


Milestone Technical Institute (MTI) is a licensed career school and computer training provider in Houston. MTI offers a wide range of in-class and online IT training courses, from Microsoft certification training, Cisco, CompTIA, and SAP, to programming and mobile...

Education, Search & Employ®, September-October 2015