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From Job Fair To Career

Sergeant Camilla Gore Hull knew that joining the United States Army would prepare her for a brighter future. “I was a young, single parent – and refused to be a statistic,” she said. “I married the father of my child and joined the military to obtain funds for college and to gain work experience....

Search & Employ®, Energy & Utilities, September-October 2015

From Recruited To Recruiter

September 11 was the impetus for Calvin Grier to serve his country as part of the United States Marine Corps. “I was not prepared to do anything after high school,” he explained, “but then 9/11 happened, and I felt it was my duty to join at that point. I went off to boot camp on September 17,...

Search & Employ®, Law Enforcement and Security, September-October 2015

Still Meeting High Standards


Miracle-Ear is the name Americans have trusted for hearing aids since 1948. For over 65 years, Miracle-Ear has offered the latest technologies in hearing aids with the goal of helping people enjoy fuller lives, with “The Gift of Sound.” Miracle-Ear has over 1,455 locations...

Search & Employ®, Healthcare, September-October 2015

Your Research Guide to a Career in Information Technology or Communications

I encourage job seekers to use this guide to learn about information technology and telecommunications and the job opportunities in those fields.

Search & Employ®, Information Technology