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10 Step Checklist to Find the Best Talent from the Military Community

Whether the economy is booming or slow, hiring veterans or job seekers from the military community can bring a host of benefits for your organization. Use this checklist during your search for talent in the military niche.

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Does Your Interview Process Unknowingly Exclude Veterans?

Our experts suggest incorporating these points in your interview process for maximum inclusivity.

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Professional Mentoring: A Win-Win Scenario for Employers and Their Veteran Hires

Mentoring gives you the extraordinary opportunity to facilitate a protégé’s personal and professional growth by sharing knowledge you learned through years of experience. Veterans are on the receiving end of mentorship immediately.

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Why Smart Employers Hire (and Retain) Military Spouses

USAA Talent Programs Advisor Strategist, Chryssy Johnson, discusses how military spouses are an incredible candidate group to hire and retain into your workforce.

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