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Evaluate Your Recruiting Program Before Filling Your Pipeline

Take time to gauge how the community perceives your organization before you hit the recruiting trail.

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Not Participation Trophies: The Meaning of Military Awards

The next time you see awards and honors on a veteran’s resume, ask about them.

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Veterans: So Much More Than a New Hire

John Gray is an Emmy-winning anchor for Fox 23/ABC NEWS 10 in Albany, New York. After the horrific attacks that took place at The Ohio State University on November 28, he took to his Facebook page to post the following observation:

“Lost in all the chaos at Ohio State University today was...

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What is Military Security Clearance & What Does it Reveal About a Veteran Job Candidate?

Our military possesses information and technology which could aid our enemies, and its unauthorized release could compromise our national security. Therefore, only selected veterans, government personnel and companies are granted access by the Federal Government to classified information or...

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