Product Specifications

Thank you for your purchase with RecruitMilitary! Please find the specifications for the products included in your purchase using the Table of Contents below. If you have any questions regarding the specifications for a product, please contact our Client Success Team at or by phone Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM ET at (513) 677-7670.

Resume Database & Job Board

Resume Database Seat License

Provide RecruitMilitary with the information below on the designated database user.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

Your purchase comes with an organization profile. There is an HTML editor available to help you set text in bold or italic typefaces within your profile; organization profiles do not support any videos, pictures, URLs, or hyperlinks in the description at this time. There is no limit to the text utilized in this description.

A JPEG, GIF, or PNG file of your logo may be displayed on your organization profile page. A square image will display the best in our platform.

Job Posting Automation

If a tracking tag is desired on the job postings, please provide that directly to RecruitMilitary.

Please send information about our bulk posting service to the individual or team that handles your Applicant Tracking System:

If there are any questions regarding the bulk posting service, email for an expedited response.

Veteran Job Fairs

Please notify your Client Success Coordinator or your Account Executive as soon as possible with the specific events your organization wishes to attend.

View Full Veteran Job Fair Schedule

RecruitMilitary now uses an event portal which is your hub for all event management.

Within the event portal, there are three types of roles for each organization:

  • Organizer

    This is you (or) a colleague you designate as organizer of your team

  • Attending Representatives

    these are your team members who will be onsite at the event

  • Search Users

    these are your team members with access during and post event to registered job seekers

A Client Success Team member is standing by to assist you with managing your role assignments. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at (513) 677-7670 or

If you purchased a Targeted Veteran Job Fair Package, our Targeted Email Specialist will contact you before the event to discuss candidate targeting for your pre-event email. To ensure the timely delivery of this email, we must receive confirmation of your attendance and your targeted email content at least two weeks before the event.

Veteran Job Fair Sponsorship Logo Specifications

Print Logo for Signage

Please provide a vector-based version of your logo (EPS, PDF, or AI) with any fonts used converted to paths.

Web Logo for Veteran Job Fair Web Page

Please provide your logo in one of the following image formats: PNG, JPG, or GIF. The image should be at least 200 pixels wide, but no more than 300 pixels wide and at a resolution of 180 DPI or less.


Targeted Email Campaign & New Registrant Welcome Letters

Upon receipt of the information on the opportunity you would like to promote, we will craft a personalized email message and customize targeting to reach the optimal candidates.

Text Emails

  • Please allow 72 hours (3 business days) for your email to be sent once the content is received.
  • These emails are text only. No graphics, QR codes, or attachments are supported in message content.
  • Hyperlinks to postings on the RecruitMilitary Job Board, organization profiles, and/or email addresses may be used.

VetTen Newsletter

The newsletter is sent on the first Wednesday of every month. Material is due by Monday, two weeks prior.

Please provide a unique destination link for your ad. This allows us to more easily evaluate the performance of advertising campaigns. The simplest methods are to include a parameter in the URL (e.g. or link to a unique page (e.g.


  • The VetTen Sponsorship includes the Display Ad and the first ad slot, in addition to a mention in the email subject line and the newsletter introduction.
  • Please let us know if you would prefer to be included in a particular issue, so we can reserve your spot.
  • We support the following image formats: GIF (animated or static), JPG, PNG.
  • We support routing through third party ad servers (e.g. BlueStreak, DoubleClick, OpenX).

Featured & Text Ads

  • Please provide a high-res company logo in GIF, JPG, or PNG format.
  • There is a text limit of approximately 900 characters, including spaces. We have editorial authority to alter ads for optimum performance.
  • We set all ads in the same typeface. Use of bold face, bullets, and uppercase lettering is at our discretion.
  • Please provide a URL to direct candidates toward.

Website Advertising

Please allow for 72 hours (3 business days) for your ad to be deployed once the content is received.

We support the following formats: GIF, JPG, PNG. The maximum file size we support is 40 KB.

Please provide a unique destination link for your ad. This allows us to more easily evaluate the performance of advertising campaigns. The simplest methods are to include a parameter in the URL (e.g. or link to a unique page (e.g.

Microsite Badges

Please provide an 128×128 static logo in one of the formats listed above.

Banner Ad

Please provide a 250×250 Flash file or image in one of the formats listed above. We do support animated GIFs. There is no rotation or time limit on animated ads.

Search & Employ

  • Cover Feature Package

    The Cover Feature Package consists of the following components:

    • Your Military Representative on Magazine Cover, with Caption
    • Your Organization Logo on the Magazine Cover
    • Title of Your Feature on the Magazine Cover
    • Two-Page Spread on Your Military Representative & Organization

  • Cover Photo & Logo

    Please provide the following items for the magazine cover:

    1. Company logo in vector file format
    2. Professional photo of military representative
      • Images must have a resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch) or higher at a width of 5 inches. We recommend hiring a professional photographer in order to meet these technical specifications.
      • Images may feature the military representative in either (1) a head-and-shoulders shot or (2) a full-body shot. Representative should be in civilian, work-appropriate attire.
      • Cover photos must have plain, light background.

  • Two-Page Spread

    Please provide the following items for the two-page magazine spread:

    1. Name, email, and phone number of the military representative you would like to feature.
    2. Five or six images of the featured service member, veteran, or military spouse. These can include:
      • Head-and-shoulders shot of the representative
      • The representative at work, taken from several feet away
      • The representative at a public or corporate event for military affiliates
      • The veteran or service member in uniform
    3. Any or all these images can include the company logo or some other branding.
      • Images must have a resolution of 200 DPI (dots per inch) or higher at a width of 5 inches.
    4. If you would like the article to include quotes from an executive at your organization, please provide the executive’s name, job title, email address, and direct phone number. We will also need two or three professional photos of the executive.

  • Social Media Enabled Advertorial

    To create a 1-page advertorial, we will need the following elements:

    • Company logo
    • Completed questionnaire or pre-written article (about 700 words)
    • Images or photos (200 dpi or greater), with captions

    The advertorial space is intended to support the following:

    • Success story – a story about a military-affiliated employee at your company (or a student veteran, if your organization is a school) who has found success and can offer advice to the military community
    • Company profile – a story about how your company values and supports the military community, specifically in the job market
    • Feature story – a story about a military-specific program or event in which your company participates to recognize and honor the military community