Take the Next Step in Your Job Search with the DAV/RecruitMilitary CSP

###Welcome to the DAV/RecruitMilitary Candidate Success Program (CSP).

**We are here to help you make the most of the resources, job opportunities, and mentoring services offered by RecruitMilitary and our partners.**

####STEP 1: [FILL OUT YOUR RECRUITMILITARY PROFILE.](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/candidate_profile)

Get as close to 100% completion by uploading your resume if you haven’t already. If needed, use our resume builder tool. The more details you provide, the better your results will be! ([See this video for more details.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFC9AbTM35E))

####STEP 2: [APPLY TO JOBS OF INTEREST ON THE JOB BOARD.](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/jobs)

Don’t put too much stock into the job description. Look for the skills and requirements that match what you know you bring to the table! ([See this video for more details.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnwLYl-h0NA))

####STEP 3: [SIGN UP FOR A CAREER FAIR](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/events/schedule).

Search the employers attending ahead of time and then speak to recruiters in real time at an event near you. DAV | RecruitMilitary offers in-person and virtual events to serve our CONUS and OCONUS job seekers. ([See this video for more information.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQhdo7_ygD4))

####STEP 4. [REFERENCE THE JOB SEEKER RESOURCE CENTER](https://recruitmilitary.com/job-seekers/resources/resources).

Find insight on resume creation, interview preparation, and how to win at career fairs.

####STEP 5. [READ AND UTILIZE SEARCH & EMPLOY MAGAZINE](https://magazine.recruitmilitary.com/publication/?m=53956&l=1&p=&pn=).

This free digital publication provides guidance AND opportunities for every stage of your career.

####STEP 6. [FIND A MILITARY BENEFITS ADVOCATE THROUGH DAV](https://go.hirevets.com/DAV_Resource_Center?utm_source=RM&utm_medium=CSP%20blog&utm_campaign=DAV%20landing%20page).

DAV (Disabled American Veterans) is committed to keeping our promises to veterans by ensuring they have access to employment opportunities, benefits, and care they earned. DAV's services are free to veterans of all generations and their families.


RecruitMilitary is working with multiple mentorship organizations to ensure long-term career results for veterans and military spouses.

Veterati is the digital mentorship platform to support the military community as they pursue the careers of their dreams at every point in their career journey. Join thousands of Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses in setting up free 1-hr mentorship phone calls with successful professionals. We’re the only Veteran Mentorship Platform to let you choose your own mentors and as many as you would like.

####[Still Serving Veterans](https://ssv.org/careerservices)
SSV provides practical advice for navigating the often challenging road to finding meaningful post-military work and building a civilian life you’ll love. They’re here to help you build a better future wherever you live (or want to live). Every career counselor is a Veteran who understands the unique needs of Veterans and their families.

####[American Corporate Partners](https://www.acp-usa.org/mentoring-program/veteran-application)
ACP’s free Mentoring Program connects post-9/11 veterans, active duty spouses and eligible military spouses (Protégés) with corporate professionals (Mentors) for customized mentorships. ACP assists veterans and eligible spouses on their path towards fulfilling, long-term careers, whether the veteran is job searching or newly employed.