Setting Your Post-Military Job Priorities

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[In a recent episode](, U.S. Army veteran and RecruitMilitary’s own, Chris Newsome sat down with retired U.S. Army officer, Olivia Nunn to discuss financial planning, job searches, interview prep, and much more – all in the time you’d need to watch during a lunchbreak.

####Featured Guest: Olivia Nunn
Nunn’s military career took her to Iraq as a Chemical officer, to West Point, to the Pentagon, she worked in Public Affairs.

As the first female to command the brigade HHT 1st Brigade Combat Team 1st Cavalry Division, Nunn gained a deep understanding of operations, which she put to use at the Pentagon, when working on key strategic pieces about women in combat.

Before retiring from the military in 2021, Nunn spent three years as the Director of Communications for the U.S. Army Soldier for Life program. Now, almost a year into her role as the Senior Marketing Manager at S2 Solutions, she talks about the transition process and the importance of staying connected and finding a company with culture that feels right.

####Nunn’s Advice on How to Set Your Post-Military Job Priorities:
*For many transitioning servicemembers, the main goal is a large civilian salary. However, I would challenge them to evaluate their reasons for leaving the military, it wouldn’t be because of money.*

*More important than the paycheck or company name - what makes you excited to face the day? What gives you purpose?*

*Put aside the salary, location, or prestige and make a list of what things are non-negotiable for you. Then list what is important to you. As you begin your job search and offers begin coming in, check it against your that list.*

*For me, staying connected to other servicemembers and veterans was non-negotiable.*

-U.S. Army LTC (Ret) Olivia Nunn



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