Quarterly Placement Sampling – April 2017

Please find the Bradley-Morris Quarterly Placement Sampling (QPS) for the 1st Quarter 2017 below, a sample listing of representative actual placements that BMI has facilitated in the previous quarter. This document is only a sampling and not an all-inclusive list of every BMI placement from the last three months.

  • The QPS reflects a combination of Technician, Field Service and Supervisory placements. The salary listed is the base salary only. Many of these positions also include a sign on bonus, potential for periodic performance incentives, and opportunity for overtime.


 TECHNICIAN and SUPERVISOR – Sample List of Placements


Fire Controlman (FC) Navy E7 Maintenance Manager Allentown, PA



Electronics Technician (ET)

Coast Guard E5 Site Service Engineer Cincinnati, OH $70,000 (+OT)
Signal/ Cyber Security Army E5  

NOC-Operations Specialist


San Jose, CA



Air Force E7 Customer Service Engineer  

Boston, MA


$70,000 (+OT)
Aircraft Hydraulic Mechanic Marines E5 Maintenance Supervisor  

Hartford, CT



BMI created this position list to provide details on top career options for transitioning service members. To see 15 more placements from the previous quarter, log in to your BMI account and search for the April Quarterly Placement Sampling under ‘Articles’. For more career titles, see our Military to Civilian Occupation Index.


Most companies in Corporate America offer comprehensive benefits packages. A few of the most common benefits included are medical/dental/vision coverage; some form of short/long term disability; profit sharing when available; car allowance or reimbursement when travel is required; paid vacation; quarterly or annual bonuses if applicable; and 401K, often with employer matching (some companies will offer to match a certain percentage – 50% up to the first 7% you invest, for example).

These are some of the basic and most common benefits. Associated benefits will depend on the company and where you go to work. An additional benefit that tends to be offered, at least among larger corporations, is tuition reimbursement. One company might pay your tuition outright; another will reimburse you depending on your grades, perhaps even up to 100%.