Next Level: RecruitMilitary’s New Job Board Is Mobile-Friendly and Connecting Candidates Faster Than Ever

RecruitMilitary’s entire candidate experience is now mobile! New changes on our job board ( enhance activity for employer partners on their job postings and help job seekers who attend RecruitMilitary career fairs and search for careers on the board.

We can now offer suggested jobs and suggested events to candidates to help drive engagement. Our community includes more than 1.3 million military members and 250,000+ active career postings.

“One of our priorities was to refine the integration of the event experience for candidates with our job board,” said Mike Francomb, SVP of Technology at RecruitMilitary and Bradley-Morris, Inc. “Candidates now have a choice on job alerts to receive either email or SMS text alerts on new jobs matching their preferences. We can now offer suggested jobs and suggested events that best fit the location, interests, and qualifications of veteran job seekers.”

“By marrying our event access and job board/database on a unified mobile-optimized platform, the military career-seeker experience has been exponentially enhanced,” said Chris Newsome, RecruitMilitary’s Vice President of Candidate Acquisition. “With more than 50% of all global web traffic being generated through mobile devices, this is a natural evolution that had to take place. Our purpose here at RecruitMilitary is to ensure our nation’s military community has ease of access to an abundance of career opportunities. By providing our current and prior service men and women with this access from the convenience of their mobile devices, the effort has been streamlined.”

###Best Bets for Job Board Success###

How do you find a career you care about? It starts by connecting with companies looking to hire. Our job board lets you announce your presence in the workforce, display your skills, your personality and your initiative.

Employers that search the RecruitMilitary Database are actively targeting the profiles and resumes of transitioning and veteran personnel because the efficiency and speed of our technology saves them time and money.

###Fill in the Blanks###

More than 191,000 active jobs and thousands more arriving on our site daily. Our Advanced search parameters let recruiters find you by:

• Security Clearance

• Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)

• Willingness to relocate

• Education level

• Work interest categories

• Previous work experience

###Tend the Garden###

Once you’ve registered, don’t let months go by and think that you’re fine. That means check your profile, update your resume and summary with any new certifications, training, or achievements. The hungriest candidates go to the top. That means employers see the candidates who are on the job board most often.

Your headline and summary appear prominently on search results, as well as on your profile. We suggest using the summary to provide any additional information that our standard profile doesn’t ask you.

Once you sign up, you have complete access to the numerous active jobs from companies that are seeking veterans and their spouses to fill their open positions.

Begin sharing your story and establish the first line of communication between you and your future. Remember, if employers can't find you, they can't talk with you.