Jobs for Veterans by MOS Translator: Discover What Jobs Need Your Skills

Long after a warrior returns home, their military skills stay with them. These military skills are a necessary part of the workforce and the job search. It's no secret that transitioning to civilian life after the military can be difficult. Searching for employment after the military shouldn’t be.

##What is the best job for retired military?
It can be hard to see how military skills translate to civilian employment, but it is possible to [take your military skills and match them up with jobs that require similar skills]( in the civilian job market. Military veterans' MOS are a guide for skills learned in the military and armed forces, which is [why veterans]( can search for jobs by typing in their MOS. Military veterans can search their MOS and see job postings that match their own skill set.

##Jobs for Veterans
The following table is a quick reference for some examples of job recommendations by MOS code:

[MOS Military](

Job Recommendations

MOS 11b

HR Manager, Interpreter, Tile and Marble Setter

MOS 13b

Radio Operator, Construction Laborer, Correctional Officer

MOS 25n

Computer & Information Systems Manager, Computer Operators, Computer Systems Analysts

MOS 25s

Digital Design Engineer, Power Electronics Engineer

MOS 25u

Systems Administrator, Principal Systems Engineer

MOS 35g

Business Intelligence Analyst, Database Administrator, Mapping Technician

MOS 35n

Senior Principal Intelligence Analyst, Criminal Investigator

MOS 3d1x3

Senior Electronic Technician, Broadcast Technician

MOS 68w

Medical Office Specialist, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomists

MOS 8404

Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Occupational Health & Safety Specialist

MOS 92a

Facilities Manager, Warehouse Associate, Administrative Services

MOS 92g

Chef, Head Cook, Food Service Manager, Purchasing Manager

MOS 92y

Ammunition Packer, Stocker

MOS navy ctr

HR Specialist, Emergency Management Directors, Paralegal

MOS navy ctt

Food Service Manager, Network and Computer Systems Administrators

It can be tricky to translate skills effectively onto a [resume](, therefore recognizing MOS and AOC gives you crucial understanding of your job candidates skills and eligibility. At RecruitMilitary, we offer resources that aid you in understanding MOS and grasp the insight that can be gained to employ the right person for your business.

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