Military Officers JMOS

Bradley-Morris, Inc. – JMO Recruiter

Bradley-Morris is the leading junior military officer recruiter in the nation. Below you will find examples of actual JMO jobs that officer job seekers found via Bradley-Morris’ JMO recruiter service, at no cost to our candidates.

  • Area Supervisor, Germany, $69,800 – Field Artillery Officer, University of Iowa, Bachelor of Arts
  • Service Manager, San Francisco, CA, $90,000 – Armor Officer, Rutgers University, BA Political Science
  • Road Transportation Manager, Ann Arbor, MI, $105,000 – Air Defense Artillery Officer, USMA, BS Environmental Engineering
  • Field Engineer, Orlando, FL, $80,000 – Field Artillery Officer, USMA, BS Engineering Management
  • Manager – Facilities and Equipment, Chicago, IL, $100,000 – Aviation Maintenance Officer, University of Michigan, BS Aerospace Engineering
  • Engineering Project Manager, Dyersburg, TN, $82,000 – Civil Engineering Officer, University of Texas, BS Civil Engineering
  • Military Leadership Program, Cincinnati, OH, $85,000 – Logistics Readiness Officer, USAFA, BS General Engineering
  • Program Manager, Hartford, CT, $115,000 – Developmental Engineer, University of North Dakota, BS Mechanical Engineering
  • Military Leadership Program (Senior Associate), Jacksonville, FL, $85,000 – Operations Officer, USCGA, BS General Engineering
  • Project Manager, Chantilly, VA, $108,000 – Operations Officer, USCGA, BS Civil Engineering
  • Production Supervisor, Des Moines, IA, $52,500 – Operations Officer, USCGA, BS General Engineering
  • JMO Development Program, Oakland, CA, $110,000 – Operations Officer, USCGA, BS Mechanical Engineering
  • Process Engineer, Windsor Locks, CT, $75,000 – Field Artillery Officer, USNA, BS General Engineering
  • Maintenance Engineer, Philadelphia, PA, $90,000 – Aviation Maintenance Officer, Villanova University, BS Mechanical Engineering
  • Service Sales Representative, Houston, TX, $60,000 (+commissions) – Communications Officer , Texas A&M University, BBA
  • Maintenance Manager, Cleveland, OH, $100,000 – Aviation Maintenance Officer, Auburn University, Bachelor of Arts
  • Defense Analysis, Northern Virginia, $88,500 – Nuclear Officer, University of Virginia, BS Physics
  • Maintenance and Facilities Engineer, Jackson, TN, $70,000 – Surface Warfare Officer, University of Memphis, Bachelor of Arts
  • Strategic Product Application Engineer, Houston, TX, $86,400 – Pilot, USNA, BS Mechanical Engineering
  • Capture & Proposal Manager, Norfolk, VA, $100,000 – Surface Warfare Officer, USNA, BS General Engineering