How to Apply for a Job

Access our job board for military job seekers! It is updated daily with active, open positions. Still wondering which occupations you’re qualified for in the civilian world? Check out the Bradley-Morris Military to Civilian Occupation Index before applying to our exclusive opportunities.

To apply for a job via the Bradley-Morris job board:

1. Click the SEARCH JOBS button at the top of Bradley-Morris’ home page.

2. Hover over or click on the job you’d like to apply for and click the blue ‘Apply Now’ button that appears in the right side bar.

3. Insert you email address and click the gray ‘Next…’ button.

4. If you’ve already registered as a Bradley-Morris candidate, it will ask you to enter your candidate login password (a). If you haven’t registered, you will be asked to create a new password (b).



5. If you were originally registered as a Bradley-Morris candidate, you will end at a thank you message from Bradley-Morris (a). If this is your first time registering as a candidate, it will ask you to complete the candidate registration form (b). Continue on until you reach the blue ‘Save’ button.



• When you complete the candidate registration form, you will end at your BMI account’s home page. It lists ways you can submit and receive important information regarding your career search.

Once you’ve registered as a candidate, you can take advantage of these resources:

  • Custom Profile: Update your personal Bradley-Morris profile at any time! It will be reviewed by one of our military experts. You can also upload your resume, evaluations, college transcript, and references for consideration.
  • Job Opportunity Notifications: If your skills match an open opportunity, you will receive job opportunity notifications via email and text message. You may decide to apply or respond ‘yes’ to show interest.
  • Best Practices: Stay up to date with the latest tips from our Senior Vice President of Candidate Services and others!

Job Seeker FAQs